2 possible new AAs and weapons? ?

I was playing spartan assault co-op and I noticed 2 AAs and a new weapon (duel) that hasn’t been in a halo game. Those who have played spartan assault know what I’m talking about. Those who don’t know they are Repel, Teleport, and machine pistols. Repel is strictly for flood and I can’t really see it being in the game unless it’s used in the food gametype or in the campaign against the flood. Teleport I can see being used because of the prometheans used it. In the game it allows the spartan to Teleport to the nearest teammate. Which IMO could be useful or dangerous depending on the teammates situation. The machine pistols I can also see being in the game only if they bring back duel wielding to allow more combos. However, if he SMGs make a return it would be pretty pointless. What do you all think?

That teleport would be hated as much as PV, or even more.