2 particular hackers still at large from h3

back from halo 3 and even now no matter how many times you kill them in game it doesnt fall under the stats until the game stats are registered online
aka not ingame
in otherwords no matter what you do in a slayer match killing them gets no points and the cheat off that fact to win
Iv’e been againts them to many times they ocassionally say they’ll give you microsoft points for killing them then point out there stats saying they didn’t die.

xbox stats show nothing only the computer stats show what the real stats are so this proof is hard
even if its just one of them using the mods the fact is they have been together in this.

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I urge all players if you run into these 2 have a camera at the ready and dont start another match until you got the stats for the game you just played them in once thats gone the actual stats of their deaths is posted online covering there hides.
Iv’e had proof but ironically enough when I tryed to post it online the data somehow majically corrupted >:(
Though this was my Fileshare and I had to recover my account so they probably hacked me.
So never tell them you intend to report them.
Luckily enough the didnt mess anything up aside from that and a license transfer that I couldn’t recover for 3 months but that issue was many years ago.