2 or 4 player split screen in multiplayer?

Will Halo Infinite support 4 player split screen in online multiplayer modes? How about local multiplayer modes?

I think they said there would be 4 player splitscreen local but I doubt theyd do for online maybe 2 player for online but I haven’t seen any confirmation

I have seen no confirmation on this, but I think it can go either way.

The slipspace engine seems pretty efficient, so it might be able to support 4 players local.

On the other hand, 4 players might be far to intense for the system to handle.

With all the news we’ve had lately, and the lack of discussion on split-screen, I don’t have high hopes, but 343 has suprised me in the past. I just hope and pray that if they announce it’s only 2 player, it doesn’t cause any more uproar in our community… :disappointed_relieved:

I might be misremembering but I remember that they said it would just be 2 player splitscreen.

Edit: Not sure if I can post links but if you look up halo infinite splitscreen, there are articles showing 343 clarifying that it will be 2 player splitscreen/local, and 4 player coop online

Honestly at this day in age, its unclear. Since consoles are getting more powerful and faster, so are the games complexities of graphics, ray tracing, high performance etc… I would think 2 player Co-op sort of split screen would work, there be a limit in peformance when it comes to consoles trying to run 4 player split screen

Thanks, everyone!