2 months now and still not addressing the PC crashes?

This game has now been out for 2 months and there is still no fix for random, unexplained crashes. I have tried this game on 2 different GPU’s, done all of the known fixes that everyone already knows about and yet its still crashing for me and many others.

Can we not get any communication on this? Has 343 stretched their team out too far? Where’s the updates from the developers?

There’s literally no reason for this game to crash on my PC so much, its the only game that does this. I can run anything on ULTRA no sweat.

Thoughts? Fixes?

No acknowledgments even, it’s happening 3-4 times per day for me… I just play until I’m banned then rinse/repeat every day. Awful.

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Yeah it’s unacceptable, i stopped playing until they decide to fix these crashes

odds are they have it not their list of things to fix but knowing that most pc’s aren’t the same across the board it may take awhile