2 major complaints in otherwise perfect game

love halo 4 with a passion, love all the additions. love the weapons. love ordnance drops. love kill cams. love the armor abilities. love the customizations. love the maps. love the playlists. love movement speed, kill times, halo feel, everything.
we need a ranking system so people can come back and try and improve, and there is something to strive for, and you don’t fight people who are worse than you when you are looking for a serious game and challenge. everyone i’ve talked to has told me that everyone they’ve talked to all agrees on this… it won’t hurt the casual players, they won’t care they can just play social. is it really that difficult to implement halo 3 ranking system again?
the other thing i just realised tonight and caused me to try and figure out what happened to the great game i had discovered is the fact that you cannot customize your ordnance drops…not only does this mean that LUCK has a factor in determining who gets a power weapon, but it takes away from the new craze in fps which is INDIVIDUALITY and being really good with certain things, being better than anyone else at a certain weapon combination, certain abilities, etc. it would really be very easy. most of the power weapons are equally powerful so you could choose for example to get railgun and needler as the weapon options and overshield as powerup option…or if you were better with the sniper you could choose that instead…i will consider moving to cod if this is not implemented and if anyone else can boost the visibility of this post i would be grateful, and if you agree or disagree please say so and lets get this to 343 and get the to change it before the best game on earth disappears to cod