2 issues that need fixing soon.

And those issues are…

  1. When I get (or am killed by) a Vehicle Kill (shooting from a Scoripion, turret on Warthog, etc), the “YOU KILLED XXXXX” or “XXXXX KILLED YOU” doesn’t show up, even though points are earned for the kill. However, if I betray (or am betrayed by) a teammate with a Vehicle Kill, I DO see “YOU BETRAYED XXXXX” or “XXXXX BETRAYED YOU”. Additionally, when I am killed, those messages disappear in place of “Y - Change Loadout, X - Respawn Faster/Now”. I’d seriously like to know who killed/betrayed me, and in some cases I can’t even see it in Theater mode. (NOTE: This affects ALL playlists, Custom Games, and Forge)

  2. I’ve had just about enough of this.

In the last game I played, I was playing Extraction on Perdition (Castle DLC), and was manning the Rockets on the Warthog. A teammate was driving me around. Then, as I was firing, I accidentally hit a wall by us, and betrayed him. And guess what. HE BOOTED ME.

In the game before THAT (King of the Hill on Outcast, also Castle DLC), I went for the Wraith (a host change was going on at the time I joined). I got in, and saw an enemy player shooting a teammate. So I decide to help him out, and fired a shot. It hit the enemy, but also betrayed my teammate, which, once again, resulted in a boot.

Basically what I’m saying is PLEASE fix the betrayal system (my suggestion is 2 betrayals per player, every betrayal after that presents the boot option to the victim), since a lot of players think it’s okay to boot me when they see the option to do so even though it was an accident.

It seems like the booting system is very iffy, and has a mind of it’s own. Some users get booted for one accidental betrayal, while other people get betrayed over and over with no option to boot.

I’ve also noticed that once you boot someone who is betraying, you do not have access to any JIP players. You basically are screwed whether you boot or not.

And the people who do get the boot option…

Boot Player? X–>A

…just press the X and A buttons without even think about whether it was an accident or not. Here’s another story:

I can’t remember the gametype off the top of my head, but I was playing on Perdition. At one point in the game, I threw a Plasma Grenade at an enemy. I shot him as well with my Assault Rifle, which killed him before the grenade stuck him. Therefore, it bounced off of his corpse, and landed just to the left of me. And little did I know, a teammate was running up from behind (toward where the grenade landed), and guess what. Betrayal. Boot. I even had a word with this guy but he has yet to respond to my message.

Also, whaddya mean “you don’t have access to any JIP players”?

People keep on talking about booting yet I’ve never been given the option to boot when I was betrayed, except in Halo 3, don’t remember if I got it in Reach as I didn’t play that one much.

Keep in mind that this is for those gametypes that have Betrayal Booting set to ON.

I’ve had that happen too, but most of the time I’m betrayed, it’s usually my fault so even if the option does come up, I just ignore it. (unless the Killcam shows otherwise)