2 Ideas to help fix an 'All base capture' scenario

I am well aware of how the scenario goes in warzone. 2 Teams, 1 victor, and the conditions are either to get 1000 points or destroy the core. Simple in concept, yet it has so many glaring issues in its implementation, but I am just going to focus on just one of the issues and posting a possible solution(s), so there is more than one way of solving it. One of the biggest problems is that in the event that all 3 capture points are taken by one team, its basically an uphill battle for those on the receiving end of the abuse. For one, most of the maps have very narrow lanes, and none exactly are out of sight areas to move about to get around to get to the area you need to get to, if you are not able to even get close to that one armory close to the base, then its almost game over. Now a common argument is that you can always try to get one of the other capture points, and that is a fair assessment, but if you die due to a power weapon or that well placed tank in the tunnels of ARC, then you have to start all over again, and by that time, the enemy can just wait there, and you have very few ways of retaliating unless you communicate with somebody. Then that just leaves the armory closest to the core, and that is usually teeming with enemy Spartans and AI marines. So here are 2 ideas that might help.

ODST Pods:

If there was ever a time that these should be put into the game, then this would be one of them. Not only is it a cool entrance in the game, but could help turn the tides and open more map movement so that the strategy for both sides have to change in terms of offense and defense. In the event the enemy has all 3 capture points, a player can be given the option to be dropped via ODST pod in a random series of locations in the map. For example, in Escape from ARC, you can be dropped in the Grotto, the Loading Docks, the tanker areas near the opposing teams base, the Midyard, etc, but it will be randomly selected by whatever forces the programming has chosen for you, so you can still have some access to different parts of the map so that you are able to still capture any of the 3 zones. Of course you can still opt to spawn at the home base to defend the core, as you don’t want the enemy to destroy it, but it helps create that urgency on both sides to tip the scales. Can the team capture an armory before the team destroys the core, or will the opposing team do a complete rush to take it down?

Disallowed spawning select armories:

The other method is that should an enemy capture all 3 bases, the team that has captured them will be unable to spawn at the armory closest to the enemy core. Enemy AI marines can still be spawning, but if both teams have equal distance between them, gets killed, and starts again on equal footing, then it gives the other time a bit of leeway to get more Spartans into the base and retake the armory.

People need to stop running in 3 directions at beginning of the match :slight_smile: Drop pods would be cool but for now people need to capture home 1st!!! Yes Spire and Garage matter but this whole last week my teammates are everywhere capturing nothing! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No fixes are needed just don’t go in solo and expect people to know how to play. I never run warzone solo for a good reason

I don’t exactly play with anybody in my FL for this game, either they are playing in other titles, or they don’t have a general interest in Halo as a whole. Even still, going in as a group is never always an option. The way the map is set up, you rarely will you ever make a comeback during this given stage of the game.