2 hours in, have made ZERO progress towards BP, despite going for challenges

Ignoring the slap in the face that is the 50exp just for being there, I’ve not been able to complete a single challenge in my last two hour session.

This system isn’t fun.

Bring back the MCC or Reach progression system, or hell, give us 10% of our score as exp, make challenges a secondary objective, because as it stands right now, jumping into a playlist and having to wait for the right map, or the right mode, and then having to wait for the right weapon, or vehicle, or spending 30 minutes waiting for the right mode you need to win in, only to lose and then spending another 30 minutes waiting again for that same game mode. None of this is fun, all of this is ruining the fun,

I don’t feel like my team is PTFO, because they all want to do their challenges, despite the fact that this entire progression system involves a lot of waiting, no -Yoink!- wonder the boosters don’t last as long, because bny the time you’ve found yourself the right requirements to try and complete a challenge, the damn thing expires, or is wasted because you can’t cap the flag, because your team is going for their kill challenges over playing the actual game.

It’s more beneficial for me to just straight up leave a game that doesn’t benefit me, than to sit through a Stronghold map, hoping the next mode will be CTF.

This system needs to go.

This isn’t how you do progression, this is how you squeeze blood from a stone, or money from our wallets.

EDIT: Remember how people got EA in hot water for their progression system? Yeah… unless something drastic changes, I can see us having another situation like that on our hands, give it three months, and I can see a severe drop in the playerbase, Players will migrate to other games that actually reward them for their effort, and time invested.


I’m not even trying anymore. It’s beyond silly and still will be when they update it.

They just cannot seem to understand the place of challenges in Halo’s gameplay loop.

Challenges are meant to boost XP earnings, not be the only source of them. The reason they’re called “challenges” in the first place is because you have to go out of your way to do them— to the detriment of your team, sometimes.

We need a progression system because it rewards progress and performance in any given match. It doesn’t care if you got 15 kills with a battle rifle or killed 3 wraiths, and certainly won’t hold back your gains if you didn’t do those things.

The progression system is supported and boosted by challenges, not the other way around. I hope they remember this when they try to implement a new system.

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The majority of these challenges actually ruin Objective based modes, especially when you’re going for the Obj, and your team are going for kills.

This entire system is so backwards it’s disgusting.

But you couldn’t have explained it better.


Can vouch for that. I had a capture a flag challenge, teammate took the flag before me, so I let them die and kill their attacker to secure the cap.

It’s encouraging selfish play

As it currently is this game is only fun when played with friends, and even then when I join BTB my party of 3 gets split up into 2 or 3 different in-game fireteams so I can’t coordinate with them as well. Playing solo is just stressful because nobody else takes the objectives seriously, most matches are a stomp as a result, and slayer is almost never found.

I want to like it so much especially after having played both weekends during the sept/oct flights, I guess I had so much fun because nobody was trying to go crazy for challenges so they could customize stuff. I almost wish they would bring back Reach customization with credits you earn from playing, I’d rather grind that then having a chance at XP for unlocks.