2 deadeye codes left.

Trading both for a locus, or that lovely CIO web armor!

All I got is a 2-week trial… :confused: I used my LE code already. Need that deadeye armour.

I sent you a PM you may be interested in.

My gamertag is vv HULK vv if you’d like to talk about the offer I sent you. I’m hopping on xbox right now.

Try re-sending it. I had to open up my privacy settings a bit, sorry about that!

ill trade :slight_smile:

Did you get my pm?

Yes, and replied. Make sure your settings allow PMs from everyone.

Give away instead?

may have been scammed? not sure yet, brb


do not trade! scam! look at his service record! not even played halo!

That sucks. I was about to trade him too

> That sucks. I was about to trade him too

what where you trading? maybe i can trade :slight_smile: