2 consoles 1 network...

So my roommate and I both snagged halo 5. When we’re playing alone the game works fine. But if we’re both home and try to play together, the game becomes an unplayable laggy mess. Our Internet package is 1 step below business class. Never had any issues with other games. Does playing halo 5 on 2 consoles on 1 network have some strange issue?

Nearly the exact same issue. The game is flat out unplayable if we both play together.

Lag wasn’t the problem for my wife and I, we couldn’t maintain a connection the game. One of us would repeatedly load in, select a character, play for a minute, and then get kicked to the menu and the automatically being the rejoin process all over again.

My two cents:

Try to connect one Box via LAN cable and the other on WiFi. = No Packet collision.

You and your roommate need to get into your router and change uPnP settings or adjust some ports to allow both Xbox’s to use the same connection. The article in the link below explains a few different things you can try: