2 Accounts, 1 Xbox

So I was playing with a friend on split-screen and he wanted to play using his actual gamertag. He has a 14 day trial for Gold btw.

But here’s the issue, when we did this, a warning came up saying at least 1 user didn’t have gold to access the online features so it ask to either sign in with another account or as a guest.

So, is it a case of the game only allowing 1 user and 1 guest in MM split-screen or is it an issue with his account?

So I checked to see what it said exactly:

Some gamer profiles do not have permission to play on Xbox Live.
Choose a valid gamer profile or play local on this Xbox 360 console.

He’s on a 14 day trial, I’m a full Gold User. When we try separately, we can play online. But we get this if we both sign in to play splitscreen.

So, long story short, can 2 Gold Users play on one console using splitscreen in MP Matchmaking? I don’t want to tell my fiend to buy Gold if it doesn’t work.

Works fine for me. My friend and I have the same situation as yours. I’m full gold and he’s 14 day trial, and it worked on the same console no problem. After a few games another friend joined in as a guest and that was fine too.

It’s a problem for me. I have 2 xbox live gold accounts (paid) logging in to the same system and I am getting the same message as the OP. Only one Gold profile can be signed in, the other has to play as a guest. This has only been the case for online matchmaking so far. We both were able to play co-op campaign. Pretty lame in my opinion. We have been switching back and forth every 5 games so we both can gain XP but what a waist.