2.9 MB update loop

Game launches, says it requires a 2.9 megabyte update, update downloads, i relaunch game, cycle repeats.

Uninstalled multiple times to no avail. I have been unable to play for around a month. is there any solution to this or is my xbox digital copy screwed?

This is part of a known issue and has been investigated by 343 and escalated to the team at Xbox. The team have identified and rolled out a number of fixes to preview program members that should prevent it from happening to users in the future (will be released to stable soon). A tool is being developed by the Xbox team to fix corrupt installations. Keep updated with this topic for for more details: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/f0258e8001734968984e8b56990f8daf/topics/halo-wars-2-installation-stopped-fixed/0babd33e-849e-42c2-997a-774f28ceaace/posts