2/3's Of Weapons Missing In Campaign.

Hello 343. Halo 5’s campaign with story, animation and everything else set to the side with the exception one thing. The availability of weapons throughout the campaign.
The variety of weapons in Halo 5 has made each of my battles much more exciting and strategic depending on the situation I’m faced with in the campaign levels. This doesn’t mean I always have exactly every weapon available I want all the time. All weapons available all the time is not what myself, or I imagine anyone else, wants on each level. But many levels, from about the middle near the end, have only 1/3 of the games weapons to use.
I hear people say some weapons from different races are alike. Not to me. I find each one has a strategic purpose that I find very appealing. In many of these levels you start out with 2 human weapons. The battle rifle and magnum. Once the ammo is gone, they’re done. All that is left is one races weapons throughout the rest of that level for the most part.
It would be great to see in most levels at least a small portion of another races weapons. May it be 1 or 2 or 3. I understand there may be a mission or 2 where you have to fight with just a sniper rifle and pistol or a minimum of available weapons. Those unique levels can be challenging and fun. But I do miss having at least 1 human weapon in many situations. Maybe it’s there because of a dead soldier lying on the ground or what have you. Maybe in a Covenant base there’s a Promethean weapon or 2.
The weapons are the heart of the game play. To go through a whole level with just one races weapons to use, and at the end of the mission to see the 3 soldiers with you still with there human weapons in hand ( you can’t get them from them), takes a little excitement away from the game. It can get stale. And I love the weapons 343 have enhanced in Halo 5. Lets see 'em let’s use. Let us have 'em…please
This is a small constructive criticism of what I’d like to see maybe changed in Halo 6. The availability of all races weapons throughout the campaign. Campaign replay would become more interesting.
Signed: Still excited waiting for the next Halo.

It’s a shame that not all of the weapons got a good chance to shine. The UNSC weapons always seem to get ditched for Covenant / Forerunner goodies after their ammo runs dry.