2:30am in MN, No Code?

Hey, I guess I’m just a little unsure what the issue is. But I’ve been playing the game since launch, and I still have NO code. Email inbox is empty. Even checked the spam folder. I know there are a lot of topics right now, but I’m posting this in the hopes maybe a moderator will see it and give me some assistance, or at least some info? My friend got his hours ago. It’s nearly 2:30am here in Minnesota, December 1st, and I have no code. I’m worried that maybe something happened and now I’m screwed. I’m hoping that is not the case. If anybody has any further intel, it would be appreciated. I am NOT posting my email here out in the open, but I could sure use a light in this darkness

^ Haha.

Bite me

I’m in Alaska. It’s about 11:30 here, I got the code at around 5.

Theres a lot of people in the dark about this. Wonder whats going on

I agree, its 3:42 here in Tennessee and I haven’t seen a e-mail yet, I think i got screwed

It’s 3:43 here. Ha, 343…

I’m in MN, got it at around 9 pm. Saw rumors that it was alphabetical but it sounded like pure speculation as no one said if it was done by email address or gamertag so idk… good luck and don’t worry. It will be there by tomorrow I am sure ← also speculation