1X Gaming Halo Team

Hello everyone, on behalf of the 1X Gaming Association I would like to invite everyone that wants a shot at becoming a pro gamer to contact me at any one of my media sources below.

Anyways, a few things about 1X Gaming that you might want to know are the following.
When did we start: March 20th
What games are we on: Critical Ops, and Halo 5
Who’s the owner: The Nexus God
Will I be paid: Possibly

So, now that you have most of our info, if you would like to talk to me about joining our Halo Team or just contact me for more information about our association, please do so with our media links below, other than that, have a nice day.

Email: 1XGaming.esports@gmail.com
Twitter: @1XGamingEsports