1X Gaming - Halo Competitive Team Recruitment

Hello All Players,
I, The Nexus God, am recruiting for 1X Gaming’s Halo Competitive Team. This team will consist of 6 members, 4 primary players, and 2 secondary players. I, myself, will be apart of the team, that means there are 3 more primary slots open, and two secondary slots open. This team will be participating in online tournaments, as well as land tournaments (in the future). With this said, this also means that if you want/are to join 1X Gaming, you will have to be a dedicated player, and be able to work with a team in a competitive scene.

So, if you would like to join, or just want to hear more about 1X Gaming’s Halo Team, just contact me, The Nexus God, on Xbox Live.

-The Nexus God