1v1 Tourney - July 25th

Hey all,

I’m going to start hosting monthly 1v1 Halo Wars 2 cups, much like I did with Age of Mythology in the last half year.

The first one will be on July 25, and will have a minimum prize pool of 355$. SIGN UP HERE (rules within).

If you want to participate / watch, make sure to join/follow the following: DISCORD, TWITCH, YOUTUBE

Hope to see you there!

Reminder: make sure to sign up on Friday the 24th or before! Registrations will close on the 25th.

These are always good to watch whether you’re a veteran or noice. Recommend tuning in or participating!

I’m super proud to say that thanks to several community donations, today’s Tournament has now got a $355 prize pool!

When: 4PM GMT/12 PM EST/ 9AM PST

The brackets can be seen here.

Live streams will be on Twitch. Players have permission to stream their own PoV with a delay, but the official (casting) streams are the following (make sure to follow):

If you miss the event, or wanted to play, no problem! All casted matches will be uploaded to my Youtube channel, and these tournaments are monthly - you’re more than welcome to join the next one - more on that soon!

See you there!

Can we use lekgolo?
That OP rush leader. Lol