1v1 Tournament & Map Testing!

Hello! My name is Draloric, I really like to forge and recently I’ve been making a couple of 1v1 maps! Unfortunately, I have no friends so instead I’m posting here! With any luck we can have a full on 1v1 tournament, and test some 1v1 maps in the process! As a forewarning, this is not serious MLG stuff; I just wanna have some fun :P.

So far I have made 5 1v1 maps, and will probably be making more in the near future! These are the 5 maps:

  • Hierarchy: This is a symmetrical covenant themed map that is very small, but is impossible to spawn camp and offers many alternate routes and ways of taking power positions. - Gatehouse: A symmetrical sort of medieval style map, featuring many jumps and parkour, while also having many sightlines but remaining enclosed. - Pitchfork: A symmetrical futuristic urban map, taking place in the upper floors of a flooded city; this map is focused on having longer range engagements, and knowing when or when not to poke your head out. - Station: Another symmetrical map set in a space station. Very different from the other maps as it is much larger and more open, but still has the enclosed feeling and close quarters setting. - Summit: *A four-way symmetrical map set in a simulated mountain. Very different from the other maps as it is much larger and more open, but still has fog to reduce visibility and encourage close quarters engagements.*If you have your own 1v1 map submissions are welcome! Just leave a link to it in a comment! All 5 of my maps are available to be bookmarked by you from my bookmarks for easy access.

The tournament (if everything goes smoothly) will begin on June 4th from 5:00PM to 9:00PM EST. Everything will broadcasted live on my twitch channel: Twitch

Ix N1ghtFuRy xI
I might participate or maybe not depending on numbers.


  • All games will be played on my gametype known as Dueltype, again you can bookmark it from my bookmarks. - To “win” a set will be a best of 3. - First map played will be randomly selected, and then the loser chooses the next map. - If there is a tie, there will be a rematch on a new randomly selected map. - No map can be played twice in a set. (So in case you’re wondering, yes I need more maps.) - Probably a bracket style tournament, if there is an odd number of people there may be a round robin somewhere in there.Thanks for reading and I hope people submit their maps!

I am officially interested!

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> I am officially interested!

I assume this means you’ll be there :smiley:
Also, join me now on twitch! I’m live streaming some map prep for this!

I’m in

This sounds great, I’m in. Not the best at 1v1s tho lol

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> I’m in

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> This sounds great, I’m in. Not the best at 1v1s tho lol

Cool! I just made another map! Will have some issues still a WIP but it will be in the tourney aswell. It’s called Station.
Good Luck to you both!

I’ll join

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> I’ll join

I swear I know you from somewhere… Well good luck anyway!

I will join this 1v1 tournament

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> I will join this 1v1 tournament

Cool! Good Luck!

I’ll join in

Are you going to setup a bracket, to know who we playing against.

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> I’ll join in

Good Luck!

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> Are you going to setup a bracket, to know who we playing against.

So the way it will work is that I will make a bracket, then one by one we’ll play the games. Once the game is setup and started; I’ll spectate the game while streaming. When the game ends, we’ll take a short 2 or so minute break to have a chat with the contestants on stream and then hear the map choice. Then they’ll start, I’ll spectate, rinse and repeat. I will not be in the same party as everyone else during the match. There will be a party with the current players only (Or they can go to separate parties or remain in the group one it’s up to them) there will be a party with all the contestants, which is the party I will switch to to make announcements etc. when the game ends for me I’ll invite the two contestants to my party to do the discussion, then if necessary make an announcement in the announcement party. If you’re waiting for your turn you can warm up, play customs etc. Just pls don’t invite randoms to the party and also don’t leave the party. If I call you up you’d better be ready to go so probably don’t play matchmaking. Like I said previously I will be streaming the whole event so you could watch the stream while you wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Finally, if you aren’t my friend on XBL pls send a friend request, and if anyone is available showing up 1/2 to 1 hour early would be much appreciated. we can get a set done before it officailly begins and that would put us way ahead of schedule :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I have to use Ethernet to stream on XBL because my wireless is pretty garbage, which means I’m gonna have to disconnect my computer. That means that this is most likely the last post I will be able to make. We would like 1 more player so if someone else want’s to join just show up and I’ll let you take my place :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have anymore questions message me on XBL or invite me to a party.

When are you thinking about hosting this tournament?

Depending on my availability for the date(s) that you choose, I would definitely like to take part, if that would be possible.