1v1 izHereTournament

First Halowars2 Tournament. iZhere 1v1 Tournament Hosting Sunday at 630pm EST. Register for tournament by posting your gamertag on this forum
Once we have 16 people registered the tournament will be full. Brackets will be posted.

  1. Best of 1 until finals which will be best of 3.
    2.Must play on main account.
  2. Must play matches within 10min of posted matchup or will be forfeit.
    4.Maps will be rounds
  3. Badlands
  4. Highway
  5. Bedrock
    Finals will be those maps in order.
    Prize for 1st place 10$ Microsoft.
    This is a friendly tournament if anyone trys to take advantage of the rules you will be disqualified.

Post for me plox

If you cant sign up yourself you cant join sorry.

Yeah I’ll stick with not having to register for random third party websites