1v1 challenges and custom games...

As we all know, the 1v1 games usually come around between two players that had a match against each other in matchmaking, and then they play 1v1 in custom games to determinate which one’s better, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, it’s alright. But there’s only one thing I disagree with and personally I don’t like. It’s the fact that some people challenge others to a 1v1 in a custom game created by themselves, without the other one to know about it…therefor, they can get the advantage.
For example: Once during a match of Rumble Pit in Halo 4, I won the first place but a kid of SR12 got the second place, and another guy of SR130 got the third place (Yeah, I know the SR doesn’t care much, but still.) Anyway, the kid was good and very skilled in Close combat. I congratulated him for his performance and this guy that ended up in the third place challenged the kid to a 1v1 and the kid accepted.
A few matches later, I encounter the kid again and he sounded offended and sad; it appears that this third place guy’s 1v1 challenge was only assassinations so he wrecked the kid.
Now sure, maybe the kid exaggerated with his attitude, but still…that’s what I don’t agree with: That they challenge you to a 1v1 game that has some changes you don’t know about, so the others take advantage of that to defeat you. I say that if we’re going to challenge people to 1v1s or custom games, we make sure everyone will know the game mode. And if they don’t, the least we can do is explain it to them through game chat, party chat or messages.
That’s my opinion, I don’t know what the rest will think.

Are you 12??

anyway. 1v1s are typically br/dmr spawns (sometimes snipers) on a small map. First to 10-15. Everyone one I have ever done I made friends with that person… Because you can’t take them seriously. have fun!

No, man. I’m 20 now…and I just hate to see people take advantage of others like that. Especially the young ones.
Sure, you can make friends. But that’s when you make them play something everyone knows of…you don’t make them play something unknown to others. For example: If you would challenge someone into a 1v1 but the gametype is something you created of your own so the other guy doesn’t know.
That’s with what I don’t agree with.
But like I said, that’s my opinion.