1st person view warhog

I was just looking at the halo 4 fourms and Mr ATCG come out with 1st person view in a warhog that should be in reach to what you guys think comment here and in the halo 4 fourm

Its not exactly “classic” Halo but I think 1st person hog driving could be a blast. Make it optional perhaps to appease the “purists”.

Reach dosen’t have a chance to have such a feture added so late in

but keep high hopes for Halo 4

also OPTINAL, keep it OPTINAL
no one likes hard-to see views that you cannot change

I agree they would not add that to reach also OPTIONAL is a def. I do not like first person driving for some odd reason.

I think it would definitely work with a high res. environment, therefore it would only work in halo 4, seeing as how you would be able to see every bump and rock on the ground.

I am totally down, great idea. Being a passenger in Halo CE gives you a good idea how how it would work. Why not for all vehicles? Don’t stop at the warthog. Optional of course.

Check out this mod for halo reach, first person vehicle driving, it’s limited that this wasn’t implemented in vanilla reach

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Details go unnoticed when in the regular 3rd person view. That Youtube video showed how awesome and in depth 1st person views really are from the bumps of the terrain to the instrument clusters showing the engine RPMs.
In short, a fresh option for this in Halo 4 should happen, and along the lines of any vehicle as well, including being behind the turret or in gunner positions on say the Wraith. Even passenger viewpoint too.

This sounds awesome, so awesome infact, I looked it up on Youtube.
Check out the top comments to the video.
1st person driving would be cooler, but more difficult, it should be a toggle option.

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Would have more luck posting this in many of the Halo 4 topics about it, a feature on retail of such change simply isn’t happening.