1k for Heroic+Mythic, 4k Normal+Thunderstorm?

What’s up with the Daily Challenges like this?

Yesterday we had a Daily for completing a campaign mission on Normal with the Thunderstorm skull on, worth 4000 cR.

Today we have a Daily for completing a campaign mission on Heroic with the Mythic skull on, worth 1000 cR.

Clearly there are some issues here with the worth of Daily Challenges. It shouldn’t be too difficult for one employee to take an hour out of the day to plan all the challenges for the week, especially considering Halo 4 is out the door. I have high hopes for Halo 4’s challenge system though, and yes you are probably working on that. Remember Reach though.

A computer chooses the challenges randomly and has a preset amount of credits it can assign to the challenge.

It has been like this since launch, sure they can change it, but if you don’t like it, just play a game of Firefight and earn over 5,000.