19 years of Halo multiplayer and for the first time I do not like Halo. It really is depressing to me

The gameplay is fantastic. I love it, but to get literally nothing from playing multiple matches. that is just broken. All the rewards are just cosmetic so why are they so stingy on it?

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The diffence is those games were from 20 and 17 years ago. A basic progression system in multiplayer has been industry standard for going on 13 years now.
I couldn’t give two -Yoink!- about cosmetics either but there needs to be some sort of reward for time spent.

Unyshek has given the following response to the overwhelmingly negative BP experience:

To address the feedback on Battle Pass progression we will be making targeted tunings to our model later this week.
To start, we’ll be adding “Play 1 Game” challenges to help make sure you consistently progress through the
Battle Pass by playing matches the way you want.

We’ll also be adjusting, fixing bugs with, and removing some Weekly Challenges based on your feedback. These tunings to challenge difficulty will help you progress through Weekly Challenges faster and thus directly speed up your progress through the Battle Pass.

When we make this update, we’ll need to reset your Challenges, including your progress towards Weekly ones. To make up for this reset, we’ll be granting this week’s Ultimate Reward, the Sigil Mark VII Visor, to everyone who logs in from Nov 23 - Nov 30.

Additionally, we will be doubling the duration of 2XP Boosts to now last 1 hour as opposed to 30 mins. We hope this helps people get the most out of them, especially during those longer BTB sessions.

We’ll be watching these changes closely to make sure they have the positive impact we all want on your progression. This is only our first step - we are committed to continue evolving these systems but it will take time. Thanks for joining our beta, and keep the feedback coming!

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It’s not broken. It’s working as intended. It’s just not being received well. Seeing as how it’s in Beta or Early Access or whatever you want to call it, I see this as a good time to take in this kind of criticism and improve the systems.

I just wish folks wouldn’t be so hyperbolic and toxic about the subject.

Why? I’ll never understand this trend of the NEED to earn something that is purely cosmetic in a game. This to me is why the gaming industry is going down hill with all its products.

No longer do companies really care about putting out excellent content to sell games, but to get the easy cash grab of cosmetics.

They could have spent all this time on designing the cosmetics to provide more than seven arena maps. I’m already getting tired of the maps as they are so few. But I guess you can look at your new shiny weapon skins and admire that instead of actual content.

The core gameplay is solid enough but they also shafted the community out of playlists and a ton of modes the community loves and at the current moment, things that should be there at launch and most likely won’t show up till well after… The whole game is a mess.

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I’ll tell you a secret, times have changed and progression systems tap into the human need for personal growth, percieved wealth, and competition really really well. Humans aesthetic desires and imagination are also encouraged with a cosmetic progression system, especially one that ties into lore as well as Halo’s does.

Just having a game won’t stand up by itself anymore. The Quake boomer shooter days are gone things are more robust than that now. “Hee Hee hoo hoo the guy blew up” isn’t enough we like to have something to show for it. Plus, it’s been a thing in Halo since 2007 and only recently have they made it downright awful to accomplish. All for a quick buck from an already irritated fandom.

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But how can you complain??? The game is FREE, that means you can’t criticize it for not having things because you didn’t give them money, you’re so entitled, just play the game the way the dev wants you to and stop complaining



Those sorts of people never understand that Complacency and Toxicity are one in the same in terms of harming a games overall lifespan. I can’t imagine how they get there mentally🤣

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This is the problem I see. People apparently don’t play games for fun anymore. Its pathetic/sad

The cosmetics are part of the fun. You get to dress up your spaceman and play virtual army man with your pals. It’s more fun to create as well as enjoy.

This is a horrible take, no one wanted halo to go F2P, this whole decision was made so they could milk players with people like you defending them “bC iTs FrEe”
F2P isnt an excuse to rip players off, people paying 70$+ for the campaign dont get any special treatment either, they are stuck with the same f2p garbage and will be forced to open their wallets to use a core feature of the game since halo 3 thats been used as the core marketing ploy for the game. All year its been “become your own spartan” and “we want you to feel like your own spartan in this new halo world” but without any details of the pricing or how we would earn armours, which there is no way besides paying. No one wanted f2p halo, no one wants to pay 20$ - 30$ for an armour set and a colour, nobody wants any of this and we wont shut up about it until its changed to benefit the players

People keep making excuses for this game because it’s in “beta”. They made similar excuses when it was in “technical flight.”

However, the same issues that were flagged during the flights are the same ones people are complaining about en masse now. With less than a month to release, it’s HIGHLY unlikely that anything of substance will be changed before the release.

What we’re seeing is a “beta” in name only. With minor exceptions, this is the game that will go live in 20 days.

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And here we are the problem child. Just because people like something you don’t doesn’t mean they are pathetic and sad. It is fun to earn new ranks and cosmetics as you play the game.

I know right? It’s 101 that people do things for reward - anyone saying otherwise or says they don’t understand it are just in denial. Some might play for kills, others unlocks - it’s all the same.

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Which we have to use a third party site to track, that for me at least has completely wrong tracking on games.

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TBH I think the ‘who needs rewards’ argument would hold more water if we had like, base customization and the missing modes.

Right now base game has less options than anything pre-halo 3. Heck we don’t even start off with chief armor, but recruit armor with some weird green visor.

Heck we have less free colors than we had in halo CE.


Challenges suck the fun out of this game

Whatever happened to playing a game for fun? Why do people feel the need to constantly be rewarded for everything? If you are an “old timer” like you claim to be then you will remember that we had little to no in game rewards for playing all the original Halo games. We had the fun, the cool feeling of pulling awesome plays off, and bragging rights to well fought matches. My advice to you would be to just not worry about having to get to max rank in the battle pass as soon as possible and just enjoy the game for what it is…a video game, That’s what I and many others are doing, you will enjoy it much more if you do.

Because some people like myself get fun and enjoyment from unlocking and customizing our Spartans. Who are you to dictate what is and isn’t fun for someone.