19 years of Halo multiplayer and for the first time I do not like Halo. It really is depressing to me

I’ll sum it up in one sentence.

When I got three double kills, a triple kill, and a killing frenzy in one game last night and I got ZERO XP towards my battle pass leveling, I knew this game was not for me.

To level I need five kills from a chopper that I have only had an opportunity to even use one time…this is not the game I want to play.

We warned you 343 after the news leaked this last summer NOT TO DO THIS…and you did it anyway.

I’m an old-timer…and an original Halo player…and you have made me not like Halo multiplayer. It really is depressing.

MCC’s leveling is absolutely perfect. If you adopt that style of leveling I’ll come back. Until then I’m out. It is that simple.


I find if you just play for fun and ignore the progression the game is really fun. MCC had zero progression before it went to PC and tons of people played that for years.


I don’t think it’s fun, but that is map design and load outs. Which could change in the future though.

I understand how you feel. 343 has admitted that some changes maybe needed for XP leveling. However, it may take some time before that happens. The big difference between MCC, is that Halo Infinite MP is free-to-play. And like other companies in today’s gaming industry, everyone is still trying to figure out the right business model for all this stuff.

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I’m having a great time. I could care less about the cosmetics or progression.

I guess you disliked CE and H2 because there wasn’t a progression system or cosmetics.

I play for the multiplayer gameplay, not some silly skin that no one cares about.


Yup, leveling shouldnt be based on luck.
Some players only have to make 15 Br kills or finish 3 games.
If you are unlucky like me than you have your three slots full with -Yoink!- vehicle challenges.
Kill 3 Ghosts, Kill a wasp, Kill a Chopper.
Those were my slots and i couldnt level up for like 5 games until i killed a wasp out of luck!!!

The thing is after i got all the weekly challenges after 15h playtime, the ultimate challenge is the cherry on top.
Finish 15 games. Thats another 4h.
I dont have time to play 3h each day.
I guess i have to quit my job and focus on Halo Weekly Challenges.


I feel exactly the same as you. 343 only added the challenge system so they could monetize the challenge swaps in the store. It’s so anti-player and has turned me right off the game as it is right now.


I’m not going to be so drastic, especially after only a couple of days with the “Beta” build, but something must be done. Because this won’t fly for too long with too many people.

I think the gameplay in and of itself is mostly solid, but the progression system and the customization system are both poorly done. Unless 343 retools battlepass progression the best they can hope for are people that play the game FTP and never purchase the pass once. The likely outcome will be a dwindling player base.

Look we all can agree the progression system isn’t perfect but it seems like you are letting yourself be held hostage by the weekly reward. It’s a yellow visor…do you seriously believe you will never ever get a chance to get a yellow visor again?


I acknowledge your thoughts and appreciate your feedback. I said I would be back if they changed it. If not I won’t. That’s it.

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They already figured it out, this business model is designed for maximum profit over time. This game has some glaring issues but the main one is the monetization, which is horrible right at this moment


You nailed it Hot.

This is why I have avoided every shooter with a battle pass. I knew this game would suck the same exact way.

I want to be rewarded for my performance like in MCC and Halo 5.

A few games ago I got three double kills, a triple kill, and a killing frenzy. What did I get for that? Jackfuckingshit, because I didn’t get the three chopper kills my “quest” said I had to get.

It is about as fun as sitting through Thanksgiving weekend with my f-ing mother-in-law.


You know how crazy this game would be if you earned cr by say, getting medals or playing objective?? Yeah you can still choose to buy stuff but the multiplayer would crank it up by like 10,000, people would be going crazy for the cr, but 343i just wants the money people didnt spend on req packs cause they grinded for them


I wholeheartedly agree the game is incomplete and they inssist on changing anything they can get their hands on without listening to feedback (classic343) They also call this the beta but the game is three weeks out! They also fail to realize just because its free to play doesnt equate to it being a successful title who wants to play a bland boring game in which has no real progression system (ranked) and which emphasis skins.


The leveling is irritating however it’s being worked on. I play games to have fun first and foremost so it doesn’t bother me as much.

  1. They have already stated they are fixing progression.
  2. Use a challenge swap
  3. Stuff in the menu has no effect on gameplay
  4. This literally IS MCC pass progression, doing challenges gains you levels, I mean its actually the same, only its xp instead of season points

I’m sorry that the progression system was enough of a deal breaker for you. Maybe take a break for a while and come back when you’re feeling it. In my opinion the game feels super tight and just incredibly fun.

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They don’t need to reinvent the wheel. I just want a basic merit based progession system like every other multiplayer game that has existed since COD 4 came out. They don’t need to do market research or go to a committee of beaurecrats. Just look at the basic competitors and try something similar to what they are doing.

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1: First impressions already out the window. This was also something talked about a long time ago. For them to not have something to fix in the first place.
2: Do you have a a steady amount of them flowing in without any cost at all?
3: Doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect the overall game experience. If goals didn’t matter, there wouldn’t be challenges.
4: Be that as it may, I recall being able to progress and complete all challenges simultaneously. As in, I’m not assigned three, four if I’ve actually payed for premium, challenges out of a big weekly pool I’m assigned, that I can progress. I could qualify for actually completing a challenge, but as the limit is three tracked ones, it doesn’t do much for me. It is by design made to be frustrating so you fork over some money, henche why there’s only a single fourth extra slot for premium buyers. So despite it being the same progression system, everything else around it makes it, by intentional design, bad, because you can improve it slightly by paying. That’s far from “players first”

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