18 Regicides in a single match - Completed!?

So, I earned the 6100xp from the weekly war game challenge, “Deposed!”

It says “Earn 18 Regicides in a single match” - I earned 18 over three matches.

Is the description a typo? Even if it was, it seems like an odd challenge, cause the other weekly one is “Earn 80 over 7days” (for only 4350xp) - so in comparison it’s much easier, n for more.

Earning 18 Regicides in a single match is near impossible (do the math, before you say otherwise)
Maybe the challenge was originally an error, and they just changed it to accumulate.

I noticed it was counting during my second game (after earning 10, and winning, my first) then I jumped in my third game quick to see if it would keep counting to me the Xp. :slight_smile: