18+ Player looking for a team/community

Hi there, i’m an experienced player looking for a team which is ideally 17/18+ age on players, as for the most part kids grate on me.

I have a headset and communicate well, with experience from Halo 3, ODST and Reach for gameplay.

Not anything too serious, would like a competitive element as a potential but mainly looking for a good group of people who play regularly on a variety of game modes.

If anyone’s interested, my GT: P Vader57 , feel welcome to add me.

Sounds good, I’ll add you.


We may have what you’re interested in. :wink:

xFactor Gaming Community was created with the sole purpose of bringing like minded gamers together to have fun. We currently are active in the Halo4 Community, as well as other first person shooters… This clan is not a very competitive clan, however we will enter the occasional tournament, never turn down a clan battle and eventually have our own weekly/monthly events. Aside from this, we are very active on a daily playing level. One of xFactor’s main goals, is to become a great place for gamers to meet other players, join in on firefights, spartan ops, forge, campaigns, customs and multiplayer action. There is nothing better then getting a group of 8 players together and running a Big Team Battle lobby!

xFactor has a fully functional website with a forums. Here, we all have a place to talk about games, share our backgrounds, our experience, and interests, as well as teamwork and tactics. Our site will be the main hub of clan communication, once you join.

Currently, on Halo4 we love to play Big Team Battle, Infinity Slayer, Capture the Flag, Custom Matches and Spartans Ops. We work as a team to help others get any achievements and group up daily for challenges. Playing alone, can get quite boring, and hard to accomplish certain things. Give xFactor Gaming Community a shot and join today.

You can contact me directly on xBoxLive (BallisticDad) or you can register at our site: http://www.xfactor-gaming.com
xFactor Gaming Community is the fun clan you have always wanted to join, so jump on this opportunity and dont let it pass you by!!!

Hey, I’m trying to build a clan right now called XQZT. I’m 19 and looking for players more around my age. No one yet.

If not, I’d still love to play some games with you! So go ahead and add me.

Here’s my original recruitment post if you’re interested in the clan: