Hi, I set this account up for my son, who had a free 48hr xbox live code and he wanted to play Halo Reach online. He’s not online @ his mothers house, so he’s been playing Halo, offline for 18 months or so, and as you can imagine his ‘offline’ char had clocked up quite a substantial amount of achievements, equipments, armours etc.
Well, when I set up an email account for him, we enrolled to xbox live using the free code, and it allocated him a random name ( the one used now), as his ‘offline’ char name was obviously already taken. He wanted to use his offline char online though, but when we did this, some warning about losing 1000’s of points came up, WE thought, that it was just downgrading the char to play online though, which, we thought , was fair enough, but when he went back to his mothers to play offline again, he realised that the original char, and all his stuff had completely disappeared, therefore he has lost 18 months worth of hard gaming rewards just for two days of online play.
Needless to say, he’s pretty ***** devastated, and I was just wondering if there was anything that he could do to get it all back.

When you create an Xbox LIVE account and attempt to sign onto Halo: Reach with it for the first time after playing offline for a long time prior, you are asked to sacrifice a lot of your credits so you start off online fresh.

This is to prevent boosters, cheaters, etc from modifying offline profiles and bringing them online.

Sadly, when you sacrifice your credits, that also means you are sacrificing your rank and armour as another fail safe to prevent cheaters from well, cheating.

There is no way to get your prior stuff back sadly :confused:

Another thing I should note is the random name assigned to you is changeable for free, for one time only. If you head over to this link, it will tell you how to change your name via your Xbox 360.

Very sorry to hear that but Moa is right.

If you guys need help send an invite. I am always on reach.