175 armors and no CQB?

I was excited to see that there were alot of armors in halo 5.(175)
And that there are more on the way.
But CQB doesn’t yet exist, nor is it on the new reqs lists.

I was hoping to have my favorite helmet in the halo with the most armor variants…but I guess not.
(Also no mark 5?)

Basically if it was in halo 3 it needs to be added.

Accept for mark 5 , cqb, and rogue. …
Every other halo 3 helmet has had an appearance in all the sequels.

Mark V will be added, along with Mark IV.

And yeah, while I hated EOD and CQB and Scout, I admit they need to return for the sake of their fans.

Well at least security is back lol

It’ll more than likely be added later on down the road. Give it time.

Right cqb was my fave. How does no one low it?

No EOD either

Cut that number down by like 30% many of them are duplicates with different texture patterns.