174 games and 70 disconnects 343

343 really now … That’s 70 matches of ARENA that have given me no reward not mentioning the 8 dc war zone matches please

Sounds like a personal problem. I have a normal wired internet connection and have not had ONE disconnect. I’ve only experienced lag in a game twice. This isn’t 343’s issue

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> Sounds like a personal problem. I have a normal wired internet connection and have not had ONE disconnect. I’ve only experienced lag in a game twice. This isn’t 343’s issue

I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s not entirely on Microsoft’s side.

While I did have problems this last week to join, turned out it was my router having some hissy fits with wired connections. There have been very strange disconnects out of nowhere in perfectly fine lag free matches, while other matches with constant rubber banding, disappearing projectiles/grenades and getting shot and killed from nowhere would simply not disconnect.

had a ton of games, 1 disconnect. no issues on my end.

105 games of multiplayer (65 Arena and 40 Warzone), and not even so much as a laggy moment. Best networked game I’ve played, hands down.

Not sure what the issue on your end would be.

I’m using a wireless connection and not had any issues…yet

No Issues here to report at all. Black Ops 3 on the other hand… Every other match has terrible lag.

These servers are doing much better than expected.

Personally, my internet is equivalent to a paraplegic corgi, I can’t do anything but complain that I am a corgi. That happens to be paralyzed.
But in all serious, despite my internet being horrid, I haven’t gotten disconnected since the game came out. Maybe at least once, but not as often as you. It might be your connection to the servers or something.


same problem, but I am disconnected really often from the WarZone too. I don’t have problem with internet I check it. please 343 repair this

I haven’t had but maybe one disconnect, and I have played a lot of multiplayer. Might want to post your region, OP, so they can see if there is a correlation there. I know some people in EU were having issues, which 343 has already noted and posted that they are addressing those issues.

Yeah… that’s on you.

123 games played myself and no disconnects whatsoever, I’d recommend checking with your ISP first if anything.

I have been having multiple issues where I get kicked out of a MP game and then receive a “lost connection” message. Originally this was happening once in every ten games and sometimes two or three games in a row. This weekend it has been happening more frequently. Last night I hopped on only to have this happen in both of my first two games which then lead to a banhammer message stating that I was banned for 55min due to “quitting” when in fact I received the “lost connection” message after being kick from both games. Also which ever req card I have equipped when this happens disappears. I could be having the game of my life but don’t receive req point credit for the games I get kicked from. Its super frustrating.
I have checked with my internet provider COX and I have run the connection test on my box several times and there seems to be nothing wrong on my end. I called Xbox live as well and they said there’s no problem on their end either.
I see lots of other spartans are having this problem too.


Fly low and aim for the head!

LOL OP youre a complete jack -Yoink-. I want EVERYONE here to look at the OPs stats. It’s really interesting that all the games that are DNF the OP is negative 2-7, 0-2…dood stop fluffing your ever impressive 1.5kd (LOL) and finish a match and see if your connection issue goes away on its own. If your going to fluff your KD do it quietly. Dont try to blame your quit bans on connection issues. Go play CoD
I hope this stays at the top of the forums for a while so everyone sees this.

123 games, and 1 disconnect.

101 games and 39 “lost connection” ish.

I would like to note just for proof of “checking your internet” to be a soltion this is a wide spread issue I myself am also unfortunate enough to have it ever since launch I can get maybe 1 game in sometime before I disconnect from arena it’s been this way sinceaunch and being the halo but I nut I am I tried everything just for note if 343 is watching I called my ISp changed from a static back to a dynamic, then no change.I reset router to factory settings, no change. I ran internet straight from the jack to Xbox one , no change I then removed the preview dashboard from my console… Which factory resets removing all content and then ran the same tests again… Still no change. I am very sad 343 ease help me my internet is optilink and I have an open mat I hope this mames
ot somewhere to help cause I’ve tried literally everything on my end 343

I’m from the lower east cost of the U.S. No time warner cable

Changing DNS sometimes gets me two games but that’s not full proof anymore please patch it it hurts my soul