16 XP Grants in the 30 Tier Event

I was originally excited for this Fracture Event. However, I have seen that this was not worth even being excited for. I was excited that the Yoroi armor was a free cosmetic but seeing how 16 out of 30 of the Tiers are XP Grants for the main BP.

Where are the cosmetics? You wasted half of the event pass on supporting the main BP, nor is the main promotional Yoroi helm even in the Event Pass as we play currently. It would make sense to have 5 XP grants for the event, but since 16 were used, it could’ve been replaced with more cosmetics for the average F2P player to obtain.

For a free event, this sucks. Give us more cosmetics for free, and not something we need to hardcore grind for. I’ve said this before: Bring back Halo 4’s commendation system to reward customization opinions.

I really hope the other 2 main events aren’t this much of a pure disappointment.


There were that many XP grants? I knew it was a ridiculous number but over 50%?! That’s just depressing.