16 matches to complete 'get 4 killing sprees in tactical slayer' event challenge

This was very hard to do because it’s so easy to die in this mode. 343 really should revisit some of these challenges. This one spoilt the event a bit for me.

It was actually much tougher than this week’s ultimate challenge which is to get 25 kills with the mangler in tactical slayer. I was lucky and got that in 3 games.


Considering it’s only been 2 days, that’s a full week to get these two challenges, not that bad. Just gotta be careful and find a good spot, or be sneaky and flank etc.


Tactical Slayer is a very tricky game type that requires patience and great timing. With the dysync challenge of this game I always attempt to shoot a moment earlier in hops that my shot connects with my opponent even before seeing them.

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We’ve been saying this from launch and they haven’t heard. They either don’t care or probably also as likely don’t have the competency to change them without breaking the game.


What i would assume is more likely is that the don’t need to change the challenges because they plan on making other changes to the system as a whole. Also changes have been made.

You don’t think that if they cared or had the competency to do so, that they wouldn’t quickly remove some of the glaringly insane challenges that are driving people away from this game? Challenges like:

  1. Getting back smacks or assists in tactical slayer event
  2. Ending killing sprees
  3. Win specific game modes when it’s part of a totally random playlist (CTF, Strongholds, etc.)

These challenges have had since launch to be removed based on feedback and have not been touched.

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