16 and want the halo reach figures

Is it strange that im 16 and want to start collecting the halo reach figures not to play with of course trololol.
But to put on my desk for show ??

I don’t see anything wrong with that

Not at all. Heck I’m 21 but I still have my old LEGO sets that I used to play with.

Completely relevant: My work monitor.

> Completely relevant: My work monitor.

Im sorry but that is epic

I have the legendary statue, but I wish I could play with the figures on it :frowning:
18 by the way lol, nothing wrong with feeding your child at heart

Dude I want a shelf with the Statue from the legendary pack and figures. I even want the H2 figures that Jon CJG uses for Arby N The Chief. And I’m 20 going on 21

Nah, not at all. Hell, I’m sixteen, too(Gonna be seventeen in December) and I want the figures. Badly. Heheh.
My only issue is lack of money. C:

Age: Classified.

But it doesn’t matter.

Perfectly fine, nothing wrong with it

I see nothing wrong with that either. I’m 19 and I have some knocking around the place. I might even go buy one now for the heck of it.