152 rewards in infinite

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The armor coating reward for getting max level in halo 5 looks awful. It looks nothing like the preview image they showed previously. It’s a legendary that looks like a common. Very dull grey and red. The preview made it look like it would be a white silver with vibrant red. When compared to people who haven’t even picked a color in their default grey, it’s honestly hard to tell us apart in a match. This is incredibly disappointing as a reward. Especially when you can get a free epic coating that looks 100x better.

The skins in the shop look clean, sleek, and vibrant. Meanwhile the coating you get for grinding hundreds upon hundreds of hours is a dirty plain coating that doesn’t stand out at all.

The weapon coatings do look very good though. And the emblem is also very plain and has awful color selections for it. Only like orange/maroon, lime green, pink, white, highlighter yellow. But the emblem itself is alright, not really complaining about that besides the color options.

The weapon coating makes me think the armor coating has to be a bug of some sort. The guns look like a nice shiny white/black/red while the armor looks like an incredibly dull and dirty grey/maroon.

I have some screenshots to post but waypoint is trying to tell me I’m a new account even though I’ve been here for years.

343 please adjust this armor coating to be more in line with the weapon coatings. Make it more vibrant and stand out. It’s so disappointing for how much time and effort it takes to get. I know this only affects a small portion of the player base but that doesn’t make it any less valid.

Any other 152s? Please tell me what you think of this armor coating.


Haha I was thinking the same thing about the armor coating. Kinda underwhelming. I guess we just have to deal with it


Yeh it does seem broken. The coating is meant to stand out but at the moment it looks bland and barely recognisable when comparing it to other Spartans.


I’m making this post so that they will see and fix it


I really wish my screenshot uploads worked because it shows my standing next to my team and I look almost exactly the same when they have the default grey that you start with. It won’t even let me post links to an outside source for the screenshots.
I really hope they adjust this.
I feel like this will get completely ignored because it affects such a small group of people. But also some of the most dedicated


I’m severely let down by this. According to our first look, it definitely had a storm trooper vibe, with a bright red visor. I didn’t even realize it was in my inventory because I had to double check. All I could come up with was, ’ So that’s it’? I appreciate the free reward, but like OP said: This affects some of the most dedicated players who went above and beyond…only to look like a default. There’s really nothing special looking about it, at all. Hope to see this improved/fixed to resemble what was advertised on the original blog post.


I agree, even worse so e people did t get their proper unlocks.


Know what you mean. I kind of feel like there priority is mostly the predatory premium battle pass system. I really hope they fix the 152 issue but I don’t have faith that it’ll happen anytime soon.


I agree wholeheartedly. What they did to butcher the coating is ridiculous


I am also not happy with this skin. Doesnt look anything like they announced. I am hoping this gets fixed!

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