1500 credits for one sword cosmetic that is tied to 1 armor core

They must have done some real mental gymnastics to come up with the shop prizes lol. Feels malicious to spend a dime on the shop with these prices. What a let down.


Unfortunately for every one of us annoyed by these prices there are probably five little kids or youtubers that are gladly whipping out their credit cards to buy the sword, even though it’s $15.

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Agreed, it’s deliberately manipulating those who loved the katana from H3.


All we can do now is vote with our wallet and use these forums. As much as I would like such an item, in no world will I go so low to spend 15 euros for a 1 piece cosmetic.

No, actually only about 1% of people spend money on this stuff but that 1% spends a TON of money so the whale hunting continues.

If anyone buys that, they have more money than sense.

Only things 343 should charge for are extra maps if added. I would pay £10 for 3 extra maps maybe. But won’t spend a penny on costumes for an in game character I can’t even see

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Not only the prices but damn, not being able to customize across cores is a HUGE killer for my willingness to spend money in the store. If I could rock the sword on my Mark V armor core (or any other) I’d be much more willing to shell out 15 bones for it.

Honestly the first thing in the store I’ve felt was grossly overpriced. When you compare what Infinite’s shop has been doing to what other FTP AAA titles have been doing they’re generally par for the course, but that Katana attachment is something else entirely.

As you said in another reply though, speak with your wallet and constructive feedback. If they have any intention in keeping this game running as long as they’ve said they will make adjustments.