15 Years of Halo - Share your fondest memory!

On November 15th the Halo franchise will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary! To help commemorate this momentous occasion we’re putting out a call for fans to share their favorite memory from a decade and a half of Halo. Tell us about your fondest Halo memory below and it may end up being featured in our anniversary celebration in November. Thanks!

Custom lobbies on Halo CE for the PC.
After the servers went down, someone released a patch that allowed you to connect to their own dedicated server.
I had an awesome time playing with those people.

Fondest memory? Tough one, as there are some many to choose. However, one that will always stand out is a custom games lobby I hosted for Halo 2 Vista years ago. It was just a group of people I barely knew (outside of brief pre-game conversations) and we were basically coming together just to farm achievements. However, it turned into an hours-long night of fun that has remained unforgettable.

You want just the one? Combat Evolved, ALL OF IT!

I have been a fan since Halo CE came out.
Forward to X-Mas 2009, my grandmother bought my son a Megablok Halo Warthog, not knowing I was a fan. This sparked my kid’s interest in Halo. When I finally got a Xbox 360, we played Halo Reach together for days! Best coop buddy ever!

One of my most fondest Halo memories is stepping out of the crashed lifeboat in CE for the first time.
Growing up on GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, I had seen NOTHING like it before.
And then came all the amazing co-op and LAN nights. One of my favorites being a birthday party during Halo 2, of which I flew to the top in a Banshee on Waterworks with a sniper.
I was a jerk.

Honestly, it’s quite hard to narrow it down to just one. Overall, being a mod here has shaped my life in ways that I had never imagined. In a way, Halo is pretty much the reason my feet found the path I’m on now and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience, the countless opportunities, and the memories I have from the past 5 years - never mind the past 15!

But if we’re talking gameplay, this clip might be my favorite thing that’s happened to me in a game. My battle buddy and I got put on separate teams for a SWAT Reflection game. We have played SO many games together that we just know how the other thinks/plays so I love watching this clip and seeing how you can basically see us having the same thoughts at the same time. :slight_smile:

Or this. Because it’s amazing.

Halo 3, first LAN event I went to. The sound, the spirit the atmosphere. All of it, for a few moments, completely forgotten during game 3 of a bo3 series, Pit CTF. I four-shot a guys chasing our runner, here the “Flag captured” and then just put my controller down, lean back. And then the sound of clapping, cheers, whistling and my teammates screaming at me and shaking me as we won took over. One of the greatest moments of my life.

I remember the first time I played a Halo game was Halo Reach at my friends house (By that time I think Halo 4 was actually out but whatever). I thought it was a really fun game but my friend didn’t really like it. Every time I went over to his house I convinced him to play it and it was amazing. I only got an Xbox when Halo 5 came out.

A while back, I got the Halo 2 multiplayer map pack for my friend and we played on the map Terminal, the one with the train. He was chasing me and got my shields down to 0. He was about to finish me off, but he stepped onto the track just in time to get splattered by the train. He was mad as hell, but I couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so hard. I even fell off the couch laughing.

Halo 3, covenant. Absolutely love it

I’m an achievement maniac and Halo 2 is my favorite in the series, and even though it wasn’t too long ago I remember I had a really good time playing through the Halo saga all over again with the Master Chief Collection, getting all the skulls and terminals again really made for a great experience.

Halo 2 me and my friend would always play Metropolis and kill everyone on the scarab only to leave alive the silver elite so we could mess around with him and do a fly around of the scarab with banshee teasing the elite. Good times.

It’s hard to narrow down any one single moment, event, game, etc. that can really encapsulate how much I love, appreciate, and am thankful for this franchise. Halo has changed my life in ways that I never would have dreamed of when I first picked up a controller and joined this amazing community. I can’t begin to describe or put into words how it feels to be a part of this community. I have met some of the most amazing people through this franchise, and I am forever grateful for that. My life would not be what it is today if not for Halo.

My moment to share, if I had to choose, would be the PAX East 2011 Community Dinner. What a night this was. After the convention one night, I was invited by the GrifballHub staff to join them at a dinner with 343 (still just Waypoint at the time). I was completely taken by surprise at this request, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment Goosechecka told me she wanted me at that dinner. That night changed my life, and I’ll never forget it. I met so many amazing people that night that I’m extremely grateful to have had that chance. Everyone there was so welcoming, even though only three people even really knew who I was. I’ve never felt more out of place and welcomed at the same time then I did that night. Thank you to each and every one of you who were at that dinner for making me feel so at home in a group of awe-inspiring individuals. I am forever thankful to you all. <3

I also feel obligated to share some kind of gameplay of some sort, so here are two GIFs that encapsulate just what it means to be a part of one of the most amazing teams I’ve ever been a part of, Green Army Jr.


Shoutouts to Mango, Sam, and Tucker for being amazing and sticking with me through all these years. I <3 you all so very much.

I also want to give a shoutout to Goose and Kal. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Halo bringing us together. The hospitality, generosity, and overall awesomeness that they have provided over the years has been utterly amazing. I won’t ever be able to thank them enough for what they’ve done for me. Thank you so, so much, from the bottom of my heart you two. I’m not sure what I did to deserve the outpouring of support you given me all these years, but man am I glad I did it. Thanks for being an amazing part of my life. <3

Halo has been, and continues to be, such an integral part of my life that I’m not sure where I would be without it. Thank you to this amazing franchise for all these wonderful years. Here’s to many more! <3

I’ve been playing Halo since it first came out in 2001; Halo 3 was my favorite because it got me really into Multiplayer. And, I’m absolutely loving Halo 5.
My fondest Halo memory, although there are many, is easily when I finished Halo Combat Evolved for the first time. My best friend and boyfriend (now husband) decided to play through the game co-op. When we got to The Maw - Warning: Hitchhikers May Be Escaping Convicts (the end where it’s timed, and you have to race on the warthog to escape), he was driving the warthog and I was the gunner. As he navigated around the enemies, I died and flew off the back of the warthog. I started spawning behind the warthog and had to try to battle my way to a ride. I died over and over and over until I finally got to a warthog. As I drove the warthog, it flipped and I died again. After a short period of continual deaths, I started to spawn… in front of my boyfriend’s warthog. He ran me over… and then again… and again and again… I begged him to stop for 10 seconds so I could get in, but he refused. He insisted that the clock was ticking and we didn’t have enough time. After a bit, he reached the end and the cutscene began to play. He turned to me and exclaimed, “We did it!” I, naturally, copped an attitude and said, “What do you mean WE!!!” We enjoyed the cutscene and ending of the game and the experience and laughs we shared of that final struggle has been forever ingrained in my mind. It was not only an amazing adventure, but I got to share it with someone I love. Video games have been such a big part of my life since then; that was officially the moment I moved beyond being a casual gamer.

I have a bunch as I’m sure many of you do. My top 10 memories in no particular order are:

  1. Frist time playing Halo CE. Halo got me back into playing video games after a year or so hiatus. As crazy as it sounds, I think I was “depressed” for lack of a better word, Sega was no longer making consoles. I was a HUGE Sega kid. Started with Sega Master System but have been playing since Atari 2600 and Cleco vision. Welcome to the next level… SEGA!!! :wink:

  2. LAN/Halo parties with my friends across H1-4. When I discovered LAN, I fell in love. I went crazy with LAN. I bought the Xbox link up cable… then expanded to a router, then a 12 port switch… Then made sure every one of my friends had there own tv. My house was a crazy place of wires and big tube TVs lol I had many halo nights where there was 6-12 of us. So much fun, unforgettable memories! I hope LAN comes back for Halo 6. We don’t play as much as we used to, but we still found maybe 1 day a month to get together and play.

  3. Delta Halo on Halo 2. Enough said.

  4. Going to the midnight launch for Halo 3. I bought the Halo 3 system and the legendary edition lol there were over a hundred people in line where I was and word got out around town that it was pretty much the same at every video games store in town. People playing Halo music from their cars, people ordering pizza to where they were standing in line lol Everyone talking Halo, and getting free stuff like Halo magnets and posters. So amazing!!

  5. Playing Thousands of Ranked 2-2 Doubles Matches with one if my best friends in Halo 3. We E
    Ended at a 46 which I am around of :slight_smile:

  6. Finishing the Fight in Halo 3. I love, love, love the ending. Everything about it. The emotions I felt at the end seeing the “117” on the piece of metal scratch in and the Arbiter ( possibly my favorite character ) standing there saying “were it so easy” … then the camera panning off to the Horizon… My god, I wish I could live in that moment how I felt. Such emotions.

  7. This Halo 3 commercial https://youtu.be/9z36WDj2PcU Absolutely love it!

  8. Playing 4-player Co-op firefight with 3 of my friends in his basement trying to get that achievement. We we’re all dead, it was just me… I had no ammo left and all I had to do was kill one more Brute (a chieftain) . I avoided him for what seemed like an eternity trying to find ammo on the field… I died. We couldn’t believe it. We just spent 4+ hours doing it. We all sat there for a few mins just staring at the screen in disbelief that we were SO CLOSE. Even no it sucked that we didn’t get it it was still a great time. To this day it’s the only Halo achievement I’m missing from halo 1-4, ODST, REACH. Everytime I see it I just remember that day with my friends. We still talk about it lol

  9. The First level in Reach. I loved the whole my Spartan being “in the game”

  10. Being really excited to play Halo 4 with my friends.T he Chief was BACK!!! Again, we stood in line for it, huge buzz around the game, bought the H4 system and everything. I got home my friends convinced me to come on even though I was working in the morning. We all popped on at 1am, instantly going to you 4-4. Needless to say I was a zombie next day at work lol Great night! Though we ended up not liking H4 very much over all, we still have some great memories playing it.

  11. Halo 1-3, ODST and reach Music!!! My god the amount of times I listen to those soundtracks. Some of those songs are just engraved in my head till I died. I like Halo 4 and 5 soundtrack but it’s really hard to beat Marty o Donnell Halo music. SO GOOD!

And 11) I know I said 10 lol Meeting lots of new people in Halo 5. Most of my “real life” friends as I call them lol stopped playing Halo 5 for various reasons or was not interested in it. It was discouraging at first but now I play with lots of new nice people. I’ve had a lot of great late night 4-4 Halo 5 gaming sessions with them.

Ok one more … LoL

12 ) It’s maybe not a memory per say , well I guess it sorta is… and as sappy as this sounds, but it’s you guys/girls, The Halo community on here and even before on bungie.net :slight_smile: I didn’t post lots in the past and was kind of intimidated at first too due to the fact I’m not very good at spelling or grammar. One of my first posts this guy criticized my spelling and grammar quite a bit, he really ripped me apart. I felt pretty discouraged and kind of hurt. But then another person posted, and for the life of me I don’t remember who it was and I wish I did :frowning: … responded to him and stuck up for me. I PM him saying thank you for doing that and he said no problem, don’t let one moron scare you from posting things on here. For the most part, most people are pretty nice and helpful. I said thanks and I won’t. I’ve never forgotten that. If I ever see someone bashing on someone like that, like that guy did me, I stick up for them now :slight_smile:

Now on Halo Waypoint I tried to be very active on the forums. I really enjoy posting things, interacting with my fellow community members and just getting to know people in general. My spelling and grammar have also improved, with the help of spell check too lol We might not all get along or agree on things Halo wise, but we all love Halo in some form or fashion, let’s not forget that :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading my long post lol :slight_smile:

It’s crazy to think that it’s been almost 15 years since I first tried this new IP for a new console that would become the greatest and my favorite video game franchise ever. For a series that has given me so many wonderful memories: the first time hearing the Halo Theme while storming the beach on The Silent Cartographer, playing Halo 2 for the first time against real people across the globe on Xbox Live, all the awesome memories I’ve created (and am creating) in Halo 5… it really is hard to pick a single one.

Halo CE allowed my wife (then girlfriend) to really get into gaming. Having the ability to play the entire campaign together was incredible, and all these years later we still have the tradition to sit and co-op any new Halo title before we do anything else. In fact, my wife and I used the Halo Theme as part of our first dance song at our wedding.

Halo 2 allowed me to be there for my younger brother when I moved out and lived 400 miles away. I was able to be there and experience him growing up, only not in person. Halo was the vehicle for that.

The reality is that 15 years spent with a franchise that means as much as it does to me is actually more than just memories. It has become a part of who I am. Sounds silly I know, but it has had more than a hand in shaping me as a gamer and positively impacting my life.

So my birthday is also November 15th. When i was six years old my dadwent too stand in line for that first xbox. I think we both stayed up all night playing combat evolved. That and the huge conference rooms full of people playing lan games pic halo CE are some puff the only memories i have with him. Thank you Halo for all the good times.

Diving in to Halo 4 on release and just experiencing the emotional campaign and just having my love for the series being rejuvenated. I’ve never been much of a multiplayer guy but one of my fondest memories was playing Griffball for days without sleep. I know there will be many more years of enjoyment to come. I don’t know where I would be without Halo. As someone who hasn’t had the best life, Halo has really helped me become a lot less miserable and depressed.

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> Honestly, it’s quite hard to narrow it down to just one. Overall, being a mod here has shaped my life in ways that I had never imagined. In a way, Halo is pretty much the reason my feet found the path I’m on now and I couldn’t be more grateful for the experience, the countless opportunities, and the memories I have from the past 5 years - never mind the past 15!
> But if we’re talking gameplay, this clip might be my favorite thing that’s happened to me in a game. My battle buddy and I got put on separate teams for a SWAT Reflection game. We have played SO many games together that we just know how the other thinks/plays so I love watching this clip and seeing how you can basically see us having the same thoughts at the same time. :slight_smile:
> Or this. Because it’s amazing.

That gif. LOL