$15 for a weapon customization bundle (only one weapon) is insane!

I don’t have a lot of complaints for this game. My biggest one, however, is that you start with next to no customization and almost everything is locked behind such a massive paywall. Only earnable items are a handful from the campaign Mjolnir Lockers (no armors), the occasional event (much of which is also locked behind paywalls), and some shaders/emblems from the weekly ultimate challenge. It really bothers me. Especially when a rich customization system was a big selling point in their marketing campaign.

I’m not saying everything in the free multiplayer should be free. But a lackluster battle pass and $15-$20 bundles dominating the customization scene is a pretty substantial letdown. Ive always loved building my Spartan to look unique using the armor I put time into earning/unlocking. I’d get just as excited about my Spartan’s appearance as I did playing the game.

I’m such a huge fan of Halo. But asking me to spend $60 on just a campaign and then $20 for a singular armor set is just too much and I can’t justify it. The value isn’t there and I haven’t seen anyone from 343 address or even acknowledge our concerns about it. Something is going to have to change with this monetization system.