15 additional things of feedback/suggestions for improvement

Here are 15 additional suggestions of helping to improve halo infinite. I have auggestions from settings, to maps/modes, to weapons, etc.

My last post which had 15 suggestions as well to add to this discussion. You can search by my gamertag or under topic title “15 halo infinite concerns”

1- cross play turn off and aiming setting

Have the ability to turn off cross play… im already tired of playing against cheaters on pc. I dont mind cross play if it was more fair but its not with aiming on controller… it still feels all over the place even after tweaking settings… there should be settings for normal looking with a weapons… like how theres zoom setting looking for each weapon architype… there should also be just normal looking (other than zoom) for individual weapon archetypes… this could be additional to the already horiz and vert sensitivity… some weapons just dont feel right why othera do. The normal horz/vert doesnt fix for all

2- split playlists

Playlists should be split into different playlists such as slayer, objective, rank slayer, ranked objective. Im tired of loosing my games because idiots cant play objectives or because ppl left not wanting to play that mode due to their weekly challenge not being that gametype. When they leave my team gets filled with idiot marine bots that go negative 15 and we get stomped. If bots go on a team they need to be spartan or at least odst not marines who can barely shoot, nevertheless move or do any chordinative objectives correctly

3- please fix melee

Melees are so inconsistant and seem to never lunge for me but lunge for others all the time, even from far ranges. I just swat flies which then exposes me and i die. Also, it feels like nothing but boxing matches all over the place, please put melees back to “only killing if shields are down” how its supposed to be foe halo. If theres even a slick of shield the melee should be absorbed by it first then have to melee again to kill. This whole punch to kill with half shields n full health is trash and takes no skill. Ttk is already way to fast. Fix weapons and ttk and there wont be an issue with gunplay and everyone having to resort to boxing to get kills. I touched on this topic about how increasing shields can fix this problem in last article. Anyways it needs to be more balanced and by having melee or a nade just pop someones shield is more balanced then punching someone with half shield AND full health… IN super armor… and you die… haha sounds a bit off for halo doeant it?

4- moooore fusion coils please

Fusion coils need to respond faster so theres more plus there needs to be fusion coils on more maps than just 2… its way too hard to get challenge with no fusion coils. Plus they dont even do enough damage. They should always kill even at full health. I even throw then at no shielded spartand and they still dont die from a direct hit… they are basically a mini nuclear reactor but all they do is make a splash of blue light and make a spartn go all sparkley… please fix… and please make a bigger explosion visually and literally theres just a small flame its sort of depressing against older fusion coils. However dont get me wrong I Love the effects but its being underappreciated and needs a bigger statement.

5- launch site map suggestion

In launch site map where the lift lands you there needs to be boxes to jump up from right there if you cant land all the way accross… and you should be able to take vehicle in and it take you all the way accross… vehicle doesnt even land where you land on lower plateform and you fall in pit.

6- warthog issue

Destroy warthog challenge is too hard to destroy warthogs… they just take WAY too long to blow up… (not health wise but animation wise). vehicles should have more health to counter long animation but then get the fire signals that its about to blow up a little sooner… but instead of having a long and invincible 5 second explode animation just have it explode imidiately… i get that it gives you time to get out but if they get out you can never get a hog kill!!. and i need 5!! 1 is hard enough to get… thats absurd… especislly since harpoon or rockets dont blow up a hog in 1 shot… which they should. Just give them more health increase the “on fire” awareness but have them just explode immidiately after taking so much damage. Also it seems way too long to hop around seats in the hog. If i try to tactfully swap fro driver to gunner like i used to be able to do… i practically die now… its long enough to swap… but then theres a long drawn time before youre gun can fire on top of that… please narrow timing windows down for proper tactical execution.

7- radars and ttk still an issue

Again… radars still need to be 25m (all modes) and pick up normal movement in smaller modes.
Again ttk is too short… its not halo. Increase shields so weapon tuning can be more efficient.

8- big team vehicle chaos.

Most of the game is ground fighting which doesnt make sense on bigger maps. The vehicle spawn and mayhem need to start much earlier… at least half way rather than 3/4 through the game. I mean in reality it needs to be from the start vehicles are what make big team iconic not just more players. Plus think about it… bigger maps…more players… less vehicles… doeant make too much sense haha. Please try to fix vehicle mahem issues

9- total control issues

Total control issue with zone location. When we are tied 2v2 and on the last total control zone fight for the win … the zones need to be centralized on map not favored towards one team more than the other. That isnt fair for the team spawning far away. Its usually for the winning team too if score is 2v1 so that really needs to be fixed.

10- stockpile suggestion

First ofd it takes way too long to steal a core… its pointless to even try… it should be less time so its worth tryin to steal… as of now you die before you get one. The trying to steal for counter moves are missing which was designed into the core gameplay. Another suggestion about gameplay to make it more fun would be to initially drop a few cores around the map to split and focus smaller groups around map… then whichever team scores the next drop of coures (again spread out) could be more on the team thats loosing side to help balance. Then when its tied for final score drop all in the middle to fight for. Also i played a really long time one match just fighting for 1 core… after awhile there should be like 1 core that drops in at another location to help with this. Or just have them drop in over time and scatter around the map throughout the match rather than all in one spot. Theres many options i suppose… I get you want everyone focused in one location but if team gets there first they will just throw all the cores back and its almost impossible to fight and get them back at that point. Its not fair that you can immidiately get like all 8 cores at the beginning just because the other team is measing around with mumbojumbo elsewhere…This should help spread battles over time and over the map.

11- ravager suggestion

Ravenger charge up should stick to vehicles and do DOT.

12- head flashlights in custom game modes

can you have the option to turn on flashlight use in custom games please. Once forge rolls around i want to make dark caves, alleys, or buildings that you need to use flashlight to see. I want to make game modes centered around that gameplay. Also please have to ability to toggle it on and off as well. However if thats too difficult then just having the option to have them turned on/off at all times, or even possibly auto turn on in dark areas. This could be done using forge object zones that when you are in this area your spartan turns on your head flashlight automatically just how they apply filters in halo 5. Additional to this you could also have a weapon varients with flashlight attached already such as an AR or BR with the flashlight attachment.

13- armor coatings

I think an armor coating could be a design for the armor. Then once you apply that armor design you can choose which colors to apply to primary, seconday, thirditiary, etc. The armor coatings could also just be different offset areas of color design such as asymetrical shoulders, boots, gloves etc. Also could have pattern designs on just that leg, or just that arm, or half the helmet etc then you get to choose colors. If you want to stick to the same plan and not have us choose our own colora then this should give you more ideas on how to do some new armor coatings. I see a little of this and its nice but just suggestions to take them further could be nice. This also allows for way more varients that you can easily use as filler fluff in battle pass. Theres endless possibilities here.

14- join back in progress

In ranked especially please let us join back in progress if you get booted. would be nice so you can help teamates and so it doesnt mess up your rank. I got diamond because i was kicked at the beginning of game as it crashed and couldnt join back.

15- flame nades

Brutes are back but where are the iconic flame nades? They were the coolest and would be great against vehicles with the DOT.