15,000 Credits Wasted

So I just finished the Wetwork Specialization. I played a game that pushed me to level 60. In this game, I also completed the monthly challenge of winning 75 games for 15,000 credits. After the game ended, I had enough credits (from the game alone) to rank up. After I hit the cap, the game told me to pick a new Specialization. The 15,000 credits from the challenge I spent all month working on were completely gone.

I feel like a total nerd posting this but I spent forever on that challenge and I was wondering if there’s any way to get the lost points back. I assume there isn’t. In any case, this seems like a severely flawed system; the credits could at least be saved/applied after the user has picked their next Specialization. Anyone else have issues like this?

You cant and its happened to other palyers like myself. My tip, when your close to ranking up, do a solo Spartan Opts run to get those last xp points to rank up, chose your specialization and finsh what ever challange your working on to save you. Sorry to hear big guy wish you better luck

Feel ya, but then again… You will get all of that exp from less than 8 games. Xp in this game is just a distraction.

I knew people would do this, but don’t be upset or anything tbh it’s best to take you’re time ranking up.

yessss… yessss! now use your anger and smite down 343!

Seriously though, 343 has a lot to work on and right now with their continual lack of communication and up to date news, the near future of h4 does not seem promising.

> Feel ya, but then again… You will get all of that exp from less than 8 games.

The same goes for about 2 matchmaking SpartanOPS games.

That’s nothing, I’ve recently wasted 75k xp by unlocking Raider DSTT helmet and LASO emblem. I’ve should’ve waited for possible future Specializations.

Come on, you get 15.000 credits by playing 2 matches of Spartan OPS or 3 of Infinity. Is there really the need of complaining? You will reach SR-130 with a delay of 30 mins becouse of this “waste”, I don’t think your life changed so bad…
Look the positive thing: you can play the game a little more before getting bored of getting no new ranks.

i wasted 25.000 xp. thats hard but what ever. then i fidn out i can get the specs by a friend with the LE and i go on.

when u play SO online twice u haver ur 15.000xp back.