142 looking for active clan

Yo in search of active clan of 10 or more.
Late night gamer
west coast USA.
Lore fanatic.
Great shot at range.
Plays warzone and infection
Goal of reaching 152 so on every day
Send me invite doggy dogs

MG Eclipse
Is THEE most active clan in Halo 5

Gamenights Daily (Custom Games and matchmaking)

Tournaments (1000$ 4v4 was the biggest one)

League Play(3000$ 8 Week long season coming up this summer)

An Active LFG (People are looking for groups to play with every single night!)

If you have any questions feel free to ask any time. You can message me on Xbox but the Discord app is the fastest way to get ahold of me.

Gamertag: Final Boss
Discord: Final Boss#1776

If you’re looking for more of a community type clan, the one above is good. However if you’re looking for the usual faction based clan, I could get you into the Marines for the clan I’m a part of, UNSC Invictus. We’re one of the most active clans in H5 around now, usually a raid or two every week, usually someone is hosting matchmaking lobbies or casual 8s every other day or so. Feel free to message me on xbox if you would like.

The Devilz Rejectz is a chill company no requirements except no drama and be respectful to each other. I sent you an invite the main reason we started this company was to get xp for completing commendations to help us reach 152. We have people that playing often and some times will leave their other game 2 help you out.

If you would like to join a Sangheli military based clan then I recommend The Empire Of The Reaper.
It is a 11 year running clan based of the Moram bloodline (Arbiter from halo wars 1) lead by Cusith Moram who was granted the title as Kaidon and Arbiter during the reach wars. We are active 24/7 with discord and Xbox and always have people on halo looking for others to play with. We have members in Australia, America and England so you will always have someone to talk to and also play with. We have some former HCS players in the clan and that we talk with frequently to help train if you wish to train and our leader teaches us how to speak sangheli and the language used on Malurok, our homeworld.

If you are interested then please message myself either on here or on Xbox or discord
Gamertag: DPRennegade
Discord: DPRennegade#6942