138th Division Wants You

Fill the boots of the lost. Ranger Gang lost 14 transport pelicans while on route to last mission.
Highly unusual circumstances. I mean pelicans NEVER get shot down! Right?

UNSC Navy. 138th Light Ground Vehicle Company led by Spartans: Master Chief Petty Officer: Chicken Forger and Senior Chief Petty Officer: Panda Watchmen. Special task force code named “Ranger Gang” responsible for the annihilation of the T’vaoan Covenant Skirmisher class at The Battle for Reach, 2552. Inside reports indicated that “They tasted just like chicken.”

Currently the 138th Company are stationed on stand by on the valiant-class heavy-cruiser The Everest under the command of Admiral Preston Jeremiah Cole. First Platoon consisting of Charlie and Kilo squads and Second Platoon consists of Zulu and Whiskey squad, are ready to deploy on a classified mission from ONI codenamed: Silent Cartographer.