$13.95 AUD for BLUE?!

Just decided to quickly pop on the forums to voice my frustration. But really 343?! You’re going to make the claim that armour coatings add more options for player expression but then if I dare wish to use the blue coating on the samurai armour I need to cough up 14 bucks?! Wtf?! For 14 dollars I get a colour that I cant use on any other armour core and a visor. wow.

I don’t care if the game is f2p there is absolutely no justification for having over 70% of the customisation options locked behind a paywall, completely inaccessible to being earned through a BP or just playing the game unless you spend an egregiously overpriced amount of money.
I could ramble forever but the general idea is that the majority of customisation, more specifically armour pieces SHOULD BE earned through gameplay or a battlepass not a store.

Oh, and as for the store. If it wasnt clear from the beginning of my little rant lower the prices for items they’re absolutely bloody ridiculous. If the store was more fair, people would be more inclined to use it but as it stands now you wont see a single penny from me.


The best part of it is that it’s the same as cadet blue!!. They are charging us for a color set they gave us as a starting color. We are literally getting charged for a color we already have!! That is soo messed up


Please stop ruining the game 343. Lower the prices, add ways to earn credits in game, and make coatings cross-core compatible