120fps update on Series consoles

There should be some renewed pressure on 343 to put in the minimal effort and do this. It would make Halo 5 feel like more of a viable alternative while Infinite is still so limited and incomplete.
5 can still be a lot of fun, and seems to still have decent player counts, but being limited to 60fps when Infinite and MCC are 120 feels sluggish and not great.
This isn’t like asking for a PC version of 5, which would involve lots of work, it should be a simple matter of tweaking some settings around


Agree, I also think that the 343 should at least make the H5 support Xbox Series X|S Optimized.

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I dont think this is gonna happen. I heard a while ago that for new mechanics they broke the enginge so far that the physics are tied to the framerate so its impossible to unlock/increase it without breaking the game

Honestly, I think an FPS Boost at the Xbox level is more likely than a next-gen patch.

This doesn’t seem to be the case, because there were mods and unofficial “fixes” for Halo 5 Forge on PC that unlocked the framerate and FOV, and they didn’t seem to break the physics or anything

I would also love a PC port and I know this may sound bad but auto unlock the armor and weapon customization but overhaul it to the Halo 4 style armor segments of helmet, chest, shoulders, forearms and legs. i know this sounds stupid and makes the original players struggles with unlocking them but mcc is enough to unlock right now.