120fps on Series X

I’ve made a post before, but didn’t really get any info about what on earth happened to the visuals when playing in 120fps on series X at the season 2 change.

Season 1 was good. Then they made it so the Series S could have 120fps and now my game looks awful.

Has this been addressed/ acknowledged by 343, or is this it now? It’s really off putting.

I never tried 120 until after the update, but it does look like garbage in the campaign and menus. In a multiplayer match, the visuals are crisp.


It’s blurry AF!

Does xbox series X in performance have any of the PC options including “sharpness” under video settings?

If so, I recommend having it at least at 60% (the standard setting). This will help with the visuals in general.

Multiplayer on my 4k monitor looks to either be 4k or 1440p. It’s blurry in menus and campaign.

It does, and I’ve set everything to max.

The resolution has been downgraded since the season 2/ series S change.

I want season 1 visuals back :frowning:

I play at 144hz on my PC. It is the only way to go. Zero input lag and precise precision in every game.

I try to go back to my Xbox Series X and the input lag is too great. There is a reason the vast majority of fps’ are played on PC.

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