120 fps mode on Series S (Multiplayer) and Fix PC issues as well

I play MP at 165HZ 1440P with only a 2080.

I think people need to chill out with their graphics settings. Turn it right down and get yourselves a nice smooth experience.

I have to play Campaign on the Series X thought. Runs so bad on PC.

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Some sure… but when I change to the highest/lowest settings and see zero difference then it’s obvious something is going wrong. People don’t just buy high end PC’s and then expect to only play on the lowest settings.

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If u guys saw what happened in hcs u would know. The games were crashing on PC

If you’re someone that plays competitively at high frame rates then playing on lower settings is standard practice. Regardless of the setup you may have.

No pro Overwatch player, for example, would ever consider playing at just 100 FPS to make their imagine clarity a little prettier.

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I’ve been crashing once or twice a day since the official launch bro. It’s rough.

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i wish they would address all these issues bro. Its the small issues thats holding back Halo infinite becoming the greatest game out there.

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i guess there is no point in making posts. 343 really showed that they don’t care at this point. No news, no fixes, no new updates, no roadmap after coming back from holidays. They really are radio silent about everything.

I have no issues running this game 144fps on PC with 144hz.

I’m running 6-8 year old hardware and getting a stable 120fps at 1080p. Auto scaling takes effect, but not in detrimental way.

Not bashing the Xbox or trying to downplay your issues, but sometimes it’s better to take the claims manufacturers make with a healthy grain of salt.

Thats true, but over here the issue is that we were able to play properly at 120 fps but not anymore. I bet u after the fuc… game is dead, 343 will take some action and fix all the issues just like Halo 5.


I’m also playing HaloInfinite on XSS.
In technical tests, I was able to play the game at 120fps, and I expect that they will use FSR and other technologies to provide a more stable 120fps experience in the future.
I believe that 343 has the power to do so.
It can, can’t it?

absolutely they can. As u can already see the way BTB and other issues are not handled and when the game is almost dead or dead, that’s when they will fix it. Just like Halo 5.