120 fps mode on Series S (Multiplayer) and Fix PC issues as well

As you all know that due to pandemic a lot of new gen consoles were out of stock or scalpers would have it (same thing for pc, cant upgrade it). Because of that a lot of people settled for an Xbox Series S as Xbox promised it a decent console that can output 1440p unto 120 fps, and it was the only console still available that gave us the next gen experience.

A lot of us bought it for next gen experience especially for Halo. We were promised that we would be able to play the game at 60 fps on quality mode (1440p 60 fps) and 120 fps on performance mode (1080p 120 fps). And they did do it with the 1st and 2nd Flight/Beta. But on Nov 15 they back tracked on it and made the game 60fps at 1080p. At that time we still assumed that they would fix it or optimize it on Launch date Dec 8th 2021. But here were are.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love the game. But we were promised this game would be amazing on a new console and we will have the best experience on Multiplayer without any disadvantage. So I ask 343 to fix it or Optimize it.

BTW here are some Crazy things about Xbox Series S:
A Zen 2 Custom CPU
A RDNA 2 Custom GPU (almost equal to 6000 series GPU)
A NVMe.SSD storage
A 10gb GDDR6 Ram
(If u try to build a pc with these specs u will get a really amazing pc)
And to top it off Xbox has AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR) uses cutting-edge upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates.

How are we still stuck at 60 fps and What happened to the promises 343 made. There are lot of stuff but this is really an important issue as it effects the games performance itself.

BTW what’s up with PC port optimization as well. it really horrible with crashes to game freezing. 343 please fix all these issues as these issues directly impacts the smooth gameplay experience/performance.

(Quick Reminder: For some reason i cant put links but please read through the few starting messages i had earlier were i was able to mention some highlights regarding the issues)


I suggest building a PC.

Also 120 frames doesn’t exsist in halo. Never has.

It’s called at 60. I have 144hz montior and it’s still capped 60. No 144 options

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I have a pc but need to upgrade. As the situation is upgrading ur pc parts will cost u really high due to shortage and scalpers.
MCC is 120 Fps. Halo Infinite 1st and 2nd Flight/Beta was 120Fps.
U might have to check ur hdmi cable as it is running at 120 fps for me when i changed it on settings. try manually. as it helped. Xbox still has some here and there.

I cant share links to the new waypoint but check out Xbox On for 120 fps confirmed games and watch Digital Foundry video that came out 3 days ago skip timestamp to 13.29

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And if u want help with ur 60 fps issue check out TheFullSetup on YouTube (Title: Xbox Series X + S No 120hz Settings Option Fix On Hdmi 1.4, 2.0 On 144hz+ PC Monitors!!!)


I got a prebuilt in 2019. I would check those out because prebuilts aren’t affected by scalpers that’s much . 2070 super for around $1,500

It’s still holding up strong

Ur Xbox is running at 120 but Halo is running at 60. there is no option for higher frames rates.

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Thats what im saying watch Digital Foundry. They have done the tech review before One on the Beta were it shows 120 fps on Xbox Series S (Performance Mode) and a recent one were they did it on 8th December.

And Im not gonna spend 1500$ again to for prebuilds. I just need a good GPU like 3070 or 6700 XT, I’m just gonna wait it out till next year. But at main while, they have to fix these issues on Xbox Series S and issues such as crashing or screen freezing on pc.

There is an option on Videos when u go to ur settings on Halo Infinite. it will give u Performance and Quality mode. If those does not pop up. Its the issue i was mentioning about earlier. U have to change settings on Xbox

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Those specs you got are super wrong man. The GPU on the Series X is closer to like a 5700xt or 2070 and the Series S is even lower.

I can’t find any confirmation anywhere that there’s a NVMe drive in that thing, which I highly doubt.

There’s 16GB of RAM, not 10.

The Series S is a mid-tier PC at best.

Also, FSR is a relatively new technology that’s not even supported in Halo Infinite.

I eventually said eff it and sold my series S and got a series X. 120 frames on halo now. Hate that I had to do it but it was worth it to me.


Check Linus Tech Tip. As well as check most the websites. Yes Xbox Series S isn’t as Par as low end AMD 6000 series cards but is almost close to it bcoz they are made out of the same RDNA 2 GPU
(Custom not exactly full bread i would say) its Basically in between RTX 3050ti and 3060 Mobile. Basically a AMD 6600 a little bit less powerful. AND Xbox Series X is basically a RTX 3070. Don’t believe me watch digital foundry videos or any other videos out there even OhNoItsAlex he has a 2070 super. he even put the game on low settings to play on beta it still couldn’t run properly while on Xbox series x it was pumping high visual quality. Just check Digital Foundry if u must they do a good job in analyzing everything.

Check anywhere, it literally says its nvme.ssd even the Expansion storage is the same. That’s y its fast.

The Ram is 10 GB GDDR6 with 128-bit bus
8 GB @ 224 GB/s, 2 GB @ 56 GB/s. Xbox Series X has 16gb Ram (why cant I put links but u just have to search or check Linus tech tip or anyone)

Yes FSR is a relatively new but it has been months since they announced that they will be supporting it soon on there coming titles.



I mean, I’m subscribed to Linus. In general Series S and X aren’t as strong as their Halo benchmarks would make them out to be. It’s just optimized way better on those systems. PC optimization is non-existent. But you got a point. We shouldn’t be debating the strength of the consoles. There’s just so much that needs to be done in terms of optimization. Literally everyone is suffering from much lower frame rates than they should be. Even the minimum specs provided by 343 are not correct at all. It says an RX 570 and GTX 1050 ti should be able to run on low (presumably at 60fps), but neither of those cards can really run the game at 1080p.


I’m not sure what promise you’re referring to. I don’t remember 343 of microsoft ever promising 120fps Halo on series S.

And some corrections to your specs, the series S GPU is not even equal to half the performance of the lowest end rx 6000 card. which is 9 flops. series S is 4 tflops.

and the test flight series s build went as low as 520p and still couldnt maintain 120fps on the smallest map 4v4 map. the console just can’t do it.

If you want to full next gen package, pay for it.

Exactly, We need better optimizations for Xbox Series S and PC. If the game can run at 120 on beta for series s then it should be able run on every single Hardware properly no matter were ur play Pc, Xbox Series or even Xbox One gen. So what actually happened on launch is kind of a let down. BUT THIS GAME IS AMAZING NO CAP BUT THERE ARE ISSUES

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I cant share links to the new waypoint but check out Xbox On for 120 fps confirmed games and watch Digital Foundry video that came out 3 days ago skip timestamp to 13.29. And Full Dive on testing done by Digital Foundry on Beta 1 and 2 (On August). the game was running at 120 fps 1080p Dynamic Resolution Scaling (not a perfect 1080p but it made the game run smooth) on BTB and everyone was happy. Not a single person was complaining on Beta and we all praised 343 for doing a good work except on Pc (No Cap Pc Beta was horrendous).

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Yah, the beta was much better on series S. It feels a lot like H5 now but H5 had more solid gameplay probably because everyone was using a Xbox one.

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The Series S GPU is about slightly more than half the TFLOP performance of an RX 6600, with only 8 less Compute Units and the same bandwidth of VRAM without Infinity Cache compared to the PC part. So the statement that the Series S GPU power is not even half the lower RX 6000 Series PC GPU is false.

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My halo runs at 90fps. I also have 144 Hz montior and its recording 90 Hz with Adaptive Sync. Turn off V-Sync in Halo’s settings, it allows you to go past 60fps


I really hope they would at least do something and give us playable experience on series s and pc users.

At this point 343 is giving out mixed signals to the players. I hope they will do something about it rather than just promising us they will eventually.

Day 9 of no response from 343.

Yeh agreed about the PC optimisation. It’s like I go on XSX and the performance is great but soon as I go on PC it runs pretty bad…and the irony is I only recently got a better PC that can should be able to run Infinite better and yet it has problems no matter what settings I turn on.

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