12 year halo vet review

so after some time invested into this game i have to say its pretty solid and well done. thats the good thing among other good improvements.

the bads…

User-Friendlessness of UI is disgustingly bad. part of the video is bleeding off the screen and have no way to adjust the edges (sad face) it unlike games like battlefield 3 where you have the ability to adjust the edges of the screen (awesome feature)

when it shows you that you have a moderate NAT it tells you to go to “www.halo4.com/NAT” for more detail…no such web address works… it redirects me to halo4’s home page… kinda frustrating… then there is another one that says go to halo waypoint for more details… except there are no details there either.

I even came to this website to see if there were any details or some kind of help section… maybe the site isn’t user friendly cause i cant find it…

what ports do i need to forward for halo 4? sorry for my rant im just a bit frustrated… im currently port forwarding 80, 53, 88, 3074.

OH and weapons disappear WAYYYYYYYYYY to fast in war games.

----gameplay 4 out of 5 ----(due to how fast weapons disappear in multiplayer after dropped or killed)

----UI 2 out of 5 ---- could be allot better and seems a bit boring along with the botched self help info

----Graphics 5 out of 5---- awesome job with the lighting and good framerate.

----AI 2.5 out of 5---- i was expecting better AI this time around… good fighting… but on another note… they are lacking much intelligence when it comes to driving you around while on a turret in a warthog…

----Sound & Music 5 out of 5---- this category has always been strong for the halo franchise…no complaints here.

spec ops… the gameplay seems like a failed halo story that got cut and added later at the last minute. the pelicans animation look frigidity and unrealistic when they are coming in to pick you up and drop you off… just seems really fake and rushed. other than that the spec ops is fine. the spec ops episodes are awesome btw.

overall this game got a 4 out of 5 from me. definitely my current favorite game.