12 Man Warzone

Hey guys,
I’m searching for anyone willing to play some 12-man Warzone games in Halo 5. The only thing that I ask is that you have a mic and communicate somewhat effectively! I’m not terrible or great at Halo 5 but I do want to get much better and I hope many of you are similar in that we all want to improve. Feel free to add me on Xbox and message me if you found me through this forum post! gt: Skullbasher1322
For anyone that is curious here is a little about me:
I’m 18 years old (m) go to a military college and love halo. No need to add anything else

added you

hey guys im looking for a team 2 to play warzone and also do you know what i need to do to get the achilles helmet cause i wnat to get it but dont know what i need to do

MoronicOrc, go ahead and add me and I’d love to team up with you in Warzone. As for the Achilles helmet, you need to join a Spartan company. Other people here on the site know way more about that than me!