12/15 Patch. Personal Thoughts.

So I’d like to start off by saying FINALLY that 343 is starting to pay even more of their attention toward fixing custom games in all halo’s. This patch will hopefully help more in matchmaking too, but my biggest issue with these patches is how they haven’t fixed 3 important parts to the Halo Community. 1st is the framer ate issues with Coop Campaign across all Halo’s. This is important because how am I supposed to have a good time with certain homies if we are matrixing the whole missions without our whole 60fps deal. It’s fun the first few minutes but it gets freaken annoying eventually. 2cd thing they NEED to fix is how our whole community of amazing forgers can’t forge on Halo 3 because all there is for gametypes is “basic editing”. This makes it so we can’t place things like Initial Spawn points, Flags, Bombs,Territories, ect. How are we supposed to make an infection map if we can’t even spawn all the humans where we want them and zombies too? It literally makes maps unplayable! 3rd I’d like to address matchmaking, there are a lot of things we would love added into the game (team snipers, more ranked playlist, action sack) but it won’t matter if all the time when we find a game the following will probably most likely happen: 3v3 on maps ment for more players, quitters due to lag or losing, and kicked to the menu due to the game not loading and/or sone other circumstance (not including lagging since that usually happens from time to time). I’m loving that we are getting patches so quick that we could be glad over, but since this week you’ve patched even more things that are kinda a big help in some ways. Please fix at least Halo 3 forge by next week. I’m not sure how long it would take to fix the framer ate issues in coop campaign but it’d be nice if they’d start on that soon too. As for matchmaking, it’d be nice if you could add ranked across most playlist, at least then people could feel the penalty over quitting over losing too many times to a team that’s actually better than them (or not). Whatever the case, I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks on this current issue and if you could have 1 thing patched by next week, what would it be?

P.S: I’d love a banning system for quitters as they had in Reach but only if they actually “quit” instead of lag out.