11th mission?

I swear I can recall Bs Angel talking about 343’s possible inclusion of an 11th campaign mission into Anniversary.
Did anything come of this?

First I have heard of it, Halo Anniversary simply features remastered levels from Halo Combat Evolved.

You may be mistaken for the 11th Terminal accessed via Halo Waypoint on Web or Console.

No, I know it wasn’t a terminal. I remember talk of the mission pre-halofest.
Bs Angel said that some backroom meetings would decide whether or not to include it.

Considering Annie only had 10 missions, I can safely assume that nothing came of it.

That’s interesting. Maybe, a DLC mission.

I remember a rumor about that, too.

I do remember an 11th mission being thought of, but we knew it would be cancelled because Anniversary is an anniversary of Halo CE. Perhaps it was turned into a new multiplayer map, DLC or a Halo 4 map.

Sometime ago on the Halo wiki about the remake. For campaign levels it said something about an unnamed campaign mission. Which was that 11th one.

If there was it was probably something from The Flood ie Alpha base, 2nd attack on the Truth and Reconciliation (if you don’t count the level Keyes)

That’s literally improbable since a 11th mission never existed.

It most likely got cut.