117 must live

Dear 343 industries
Please hear me out on this because it could be very important to the upcoming halo infinite please don’t have the master chief die in the new game
I understand this is a very controversial topic but to me its very important master chief is my favorite character in the series and to see him die would be just heartbreaking plus the community really does not seem to like the idea of Spartan locke taking the cheifs place.
Please respond soon,
From PROmlgSnipar420.

There’s an existing topic on this already: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/29568daf8cd14083bd1b70a810bf3581/topics/master-chief-to-die-or-not-to-die/f53c4c6d-e0da-4e31-b554-30a35488894b/posts